Empire of Gold OST

EOG CryingWorld

I promise I’ll quit it with the Empire of Gold, but this Instrumental OST is such perfection that I can’t help but mention that it’s out there. I loved The King 2 Hearts‘s Instrumental OST for a long time, but I think Empire of Gold‘s has become my all time favorite. It’s so, so, good. I’m just really sad that the OST songs got meshed terribly with it.

Okay, let me amend that. The songs aren’t terrible independently, and I really like Ali’s song as well as the most recently released song, “Crying World,” by Seong Seo-jin. I just feel that none of the songs were utilized well nor do they have the sophistication and/or melancholic feel needed for the drama.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvMygwqoveY]

For a taste of the instrumentals, check out this site’s tumblr.

Album on iTunes

(SBS, Loen Entertainment)

8 responses to “Empire of Gold OST

  1. I actually wish you’d post more often about dramas! And I don’t mind more “Empire of Gold”!

    The other day I checked out “Bad Love”, another Lee Yo Won drama, and lo-and-behold I see the same actor that played the faithful Secretary Park in “Empire of Gold” now playing Lee Yo Won’s father in “Bad Love”. So funny!


    • I think I watched like 4 episodes of Bad Love before I dropped it for its makjanginess, but I have no recollection of Sec. Park! In any case, it does explain why the two actors has such great synergy.

      I think Medical Top Team is the next drama to be featured around here, so I hope you’re ready for it! It will most likely be discussion oriented posts, because I’m currently busy with school.


  2. Dear Splash:
    How are you doing? I still miss EOG but have a new addiction — albeit not as heady or anything — SECRET. i had a lackluster relationship to it but am now pretty hooked. Wonder if you are watching it? I am also watching Hanzawa Naoki btw — it is pretty gripping but no EOG.


    • I saw episode 12 of Secret, which everyone loved and I didn’t. I think Secret is a grower for everyone, so it will take me time to enjoy the mood of the drama.
      I’m glad you like HN, which I only got to see the 1st ep of. I guess I’m back to watching mindless fluff + Empress Ki (maybe) D:
      I miss our ridiculous EoG exchanges. The rabid love I had for that drama is totally missing elsewhere.



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