Looking Forward To: IU’s “Modern Times” [Updated With Full Album!]



After Younha, I would have to give my heart to IU as my second favorite female solo K-pop act. What I love most about her music is that she is able find a compromise between gothic, orchestral melodies and youthful vitality. She puts the cheerful into the sad so to speak. But to contradict myself within ten words, I have to say that “Mia” will always be one of my favorite songs of all time for being anything but cheerful.

So anyway, hearing about Modern Times, an album that is the product of a coming of age, was really exciting, because the one thing that got on my nerves was all the cutesy that she did (but even that was rather classy for all the childlike behavior involved). I mean, finally!,  right? If this whole concept is a product of that one scandal she had, thank goodness she had that scandal.

Despite this marked change, since IU tends to have clear cut and well designed concepts, being impressed by the preview is not all that surprising.  What is interesting however, is that she’s been releasing a teaser per song (so far) rather than an album teaser. All of them so far are really beautiful to watch, and definitely have the sheen of an adult IU. I’m really liking them.

There should be six teasers in total, and I’ll update them here as they come out.



Full Album

Amazing. That is all.


Teaser 1: “Between the Lips (50 cm)”

Teaser 2: “Child, Walk With Me”

Teaser 3: “Everybody Has Secrets”

Teaser 4:

[Is it just me or is this becoming more and more like Just Listen???]

Teaser 5: “Love of B”

Teaser 6: “Wait”


“Depression Clock” feat. Jonghyun

This song is wonderful; very coffee shop-esque with the right amount of whimsical. I really like Jonghyun’s voice here because it gives foundation to the song. On Omona it said that Jonghyun composed this song, and if he did, he’s quickly becoming my favorite SHINee member…though it’s going to be hard to beat Onew. 

My only complaint so far is that the album cover looking photo sucks. Why does she have to be chewing bubblegum??

(Loen Tree, Omona They Didn’t [1][2][3])

4 responses to “Looking Forward To: IU’s “Modern Times” [Updated With Full Album!]

  1. LOL OMG I totally have to agree with you on the album cover photo because the bubblegum does not fit in with her black leather pants, black guitar, black heels, and black background. Maybe it’s like her trademark cutesy rearing its head in this release and it’s supposed to symbolize that she is still like the Nation’s Little Sis even though she has grown up in this coming of age album? Still though, you do NOT want to be blowing bubbles when you’re playing the guitar – trust me.


    • Cutesy rearing its ugly head is right. Ugh, “Modern Times” has such a great Roaring 20s glamorous feel going for it, and then they make the album cover look like crap? I just don’t get it.

      Anyways, I hope I’m wrong about that photo being the album cover. The photos in general for this album are really meh. Her best ones are from “Real IU.”


      • I’m with you on the point that her photos were the best from Real IU. LOVED the concept. IU’s albums are usually quite cohesive (Case in point: Last Fantasy was really all about one theme and it was evident throughout the entire album that IU knows exactly what she’s onto about) and I really love how I always get some sort of ethereal vibes from her material. I don’t know how to describe it, but yeah, it does make for some easy listening. 🙂


  2. My 1 complaint….every time i red and listen to one of your wonderful reviews I end buying more music. You secretly work for these various labels, right? You made me see IU in a whole new light. I have never really given her a good listen to before. 🙂 I am also very certain I have never written anything that prompted anyone to run out and spend money….and that is just sad for me. THANK YOU!!!!



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