Heirs Gains Some Maturity


I’m going to be honest, I didn’t expect much out of Heirs because all the hype just blew through the whole thing like no tomorrow. The stills were dull, the chemistry middling, and most of the previews were just cheap and not at all engaging. I even refrained from posting about it due to my all around negative perceptions of the production.

That is, until this preview.

The thing is, with nearly everyone drawing parallels with Boys Before Flowers with the plethora of attractive, rich folk involved, I think most of us, myself included, passed a lot of judgment before we even had an inkling of what the story was about and the characters were like beyond a sentence or two of “catchy descriptors.” (No one talk about the written previews. After Empire of Gold, I have zero trust in them.)

What this third preview has done is give the characters life beyond their mundane descriptions. I now see that Kim Tan isn’t Gu Jun-pyo with a half-brother; he’s a broken man. LA isn’t used a fantasy location with sprawling beaches, cool ocean waves and glorious sun so we can get a ton of shirtless scenes; LA is Kim Tan’s prison disguised as Eden. What more, Korea is too a prison –just without disguise.

Likewise, for our heroine Eun-sang, the U.S. has become a wasteland. She came to make a better life for herself–and came back empty handed. She went from this:

From the beginning, my life was meant to be just as passerby that doesn’t leave a trace? I feel so wronged, that’s why I wanted to go to the U.S.

To this:

I said to eat well and live well so I came to the U.S., but this place ended up like a garbage can.

Edit: So, there’s been a lot of crap going on on KP about these translations, and I want to say that I’ve seen both the DF translations and KP’s before this post went up. I went with the mistranslated ones anyway because it conveyed to connotation I wanted. My argument still stands with both anyway, and I respect Ms.Koala’s work, so I still keep her translations. She doesn’t have to be perfect 100% of the time because she gets info out faster than most. Maybe Eun-sang isn’t as poetic and jaded as this implies, but I still feel that these developments have adequately improved Heirs.


From the preview alone I can surmise that this girl is no Candy. She’s a staunch realist living among the poor.

The boy is no douche-bag, privileged, chaebol either. He’s crushed under the weight of his supposed crown.

Two broken people (broken in different ways) find each other.

They become friends…

…and find love in the process.

Now that’s a story I can get behind. I actively want to know how Eun-sang and Kim Tan grow as people and develop their relationship from friendship to lovers amidst all of their emotional baggage. Here’s to hoping that the entire series remains as thoughtful as this teaser seems to imply.


(SBS, Dramafever, Translations and Image from A Koala’s Playground)


15 responses to “Heirs Gains Some Maturity

  1. I really liked the way you presented the main leads. Two broken people finding each other and try to help each other. I like stories that are like that. And I agree that this preview is the most interesting one so far..


  2. I agree, it’s looking alot more grounded than I’d initially assumed, which is good. But I also kinda want it to be trashy and soapy too 😉


  3. Thank you, thank you for making sense of this “beauty laden” drama. I have seen the stills. I was already going to watch it…but now I feel it won’t be just glorified fluff. I like fluff, but substance is nice. Thanks or your insight…..again. 🙂


  4. nice summary,i really thankfully that a story not like BOF.i believe that scrip-writer have a good sense to make flutter feeling a viewer


  5. I feel that I prefer “BOF” over “Heirs”. I don’t know why!! I am gonna watch “Heirs” for LMH only 🙂 and I m also ok with PSH. The other characters didn’t give me a good impression in their 1st impression whereas BOF attracted me a lot!! Its just my opinion. No harms to others.


  6. BOF has a good story line but some mediocre acting..sorry to the fans but I love BOF and I have the original set of disc..waiting for Heirs to be screen tomorrow..might even buy the set because I love PSH ,,the story is promising and I love your comments on Heir..I too think Ockoala did a good post description but I find all the comments a rants are negative..I don’t think I should be judging the actors before they even starts screening the drama…Are you recapping this drama Splash?? Just wondering you did well with EOG..despite the misleading synopsis given…


    • I probably won’t recap this because because there are plenty of other places that certainly will be doing so in a far better fashion than I (Seoulbeats is definitely one of them, besides the usual Dramabeans, Koala’s Playground, etc.).

      In general, I will tend to cover dramas that receive a lot less love from drama blogs, like EoG, on this blog. This doesn’t mean, however, that I won’t drop my initial impressions of Heirs around here. I won’t make any promises, but I’ll try my best to post that ASAP!


  7. Wish episodes 1 and 2 had lived up to the promise of this preview and your soul-stirring interpretation of it. The episodes left me completely underwhelmed… I am ditching it….

    How are you? I am still in EOG land…..


    • I’m stuck in EoG fantasyland too. I listen to the OST everyday. As for Heirs, I’m just sticking to the recaps. I kind of expected that my interpretation would not pan out, but it was at least nice to be presented the possibility.

      On that note, does anyone want to join me over at Medical Top Team??


  8. you know…. i am scared of medical dramas… do not know why. i will read your posts though!

    i am looking forward to a ajumma drama — JTBC’s Neighbor’s Wife.
    Let us see if they subtitle it.
    Other than that, I am watching Giant, which EOGish in its setting — real estate etc.

    Take care


    • Have you seen Hanzawa Naoki? It’s a monster ratings hit Dorama that is really similar to EoG (corporate machinations abound) but with a lot more heart. It just might be up your alley (and mine)!

      MTT is a really fun watch, but I can’t bring myself to write about it. Hanzawa might do that though. Should we try Ep 1 and see if we like it?



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