Top 50 K-Pop-ish Songs of 2015


By a friend’s request, coming soon is a list of this year’s top 50 “K-pop” songs in my very humble opinion. These aren’t always the most innovative, inspiring pieces; rather, my top 50 is just that–mine. I’ve never done a true countdown before, so I hope I don’t fail miserably and you all will like it!

The song eligibility rules are:

  1. The track must be released before the posting of this intro post.
  2. The track must be sung by a person clearly affiliated with K-pop in some fashion. This means that Japanese and Chinese songs by current/former K-pop artists are eligible.
  3. No more than two songs can be from a single artist.

That’s it. Three simple rules.

And since this is an intro post, I think I should close things out with what is arguably the intro song of the year:






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