Dynamic Duo’s 7th Album, “Lucky Numbers”


After writing the Side B for Seoulbeats on Dynamic Duo, I’ve definitely warmed up to Hip-hop and rapping after hating it at one point. I think that Korean Hip-hop styles appeal more to me because the rapping tends to be mellower (by nature of voice) and the Korean language flows really well. English is a rougher language, so rapping in English usually leaves me annoyed, not to mention that I can understand all the cursing—at least in Korean, I can’t understand it. Korean mainstream Hip-hop is also more melodic in general (which I like) whereas melodic hip-hop (with RnB flair, etc.) would be far less mainstream in English speaking countries. I’m not calling one or the other superior, I’m just stating that I prefer one style over the other due to musical aesthetics.

Basically, the point I was getting at is that Korean Hip-hop is a classier affair in musical delivery, and I’ve certainly started to like it a lot— especially after Dynamic Duo released this great album, Lucky Numbers. 

“BAAAM (feat. Muzie of UV)”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmAHmYgdopw]

Lucky Numbers

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0NEAsx_awc&feature=share&list=PLkIRz6FUCP2mbRvaHFQae2TpxfopIqWaB]

I probably won’t write a review just because I feel severely under-qualified to do so. Hopefully someone better versed in the Hip-hop culture will do the album justice.

(Amoeba Culture, Youtube [1][2])



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