Midyear Poll 2013 Results: Dramas Worth Watching (Or Not Watching)


To those who responded, thank you so much for doing so! I’ve basically summarized everything here, and I’ll add any choices I come up with in Blue that has not been mentioned yet.

Best Cable Drama
  • Nine
  • Heartless/Cruel City
  • Special Affairs Team Ten (Season 2)
  • Flower Boy Next Door
  • End of the World
  • Cruel Palace: War of Flowers
Best MBC, KBS, and/or SBS Drama
  • KBS: Shark, School 2013
  • MBC: Scandal, Gu Family Book, I Summon You Gold
  • SBS: Incarnation of Money, I Hear Your Voice
Most Crack-tastic Drama
Drama With The Most Unexpected Ending
  • Gu Family Book (This isn’t really in a good way…)
  • Nine
  • Nail Shop Paris
Drama With The Best Second Lead
  • Goddess of Marriage (Lee Sang-woo)
  • Flower Boy Next Door (Kim Ki-joon)
  • King Flower (Chris WuI’m actually not sure if he’s technically the second lead at the end, but he did start out that way.
Drama With The Best Childhood Section
  • Nine (This one is a bit of a stretch, but it goes 😉 )
  • Cruel Palace: War of Flowers
Best Taiwanese Drama
  • Amour et Patisserie
  • Just You
Best Chinese Drama
  • No Nominations
Best Japanese Drama
  • Itazura na Kiss—Love in Tokyo
  • Dinner
  • Last Cinderella
Best Cliché Rampant Drama
  • 100 Years Inheritance
Drama With The Best Villain
  • Incarnation of Money
Drama With The Best Plot
  • Nine
  • Flower Boy Next Door
Drama You Would Recommend To People Who Hate Rom-Com
  • Special Affairs Team TEN (Season 2… and Season 1)
  • Nine
  • End of the World
Drama With The Worst Characters
  • Gu Family Book
Drama With The Best OTP
  • Nine
  • I Hear Your Voice (I haven’t seen this one, but based on everyone’s response to it, it looks to fit this well.)
  • Flower Boy Next Door
  • School 2013
  • Monstar
Best Sageuk
Drama That Ended Up On The Worst Slippery Slope To Awfulness
Most Surprising Drama Offering
  • Heartless/Cruel City
  • I Hear Your Voice
  • Monstar
Drama You Are Most Looking Forward To
  • Sword and Flower
  • Master’s Sun
  • Good Doctor


Once again, thanks to everyone who responded! If you have any other suggestions, please put them in the comments. I’ll update as much as I can!



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