Just For Fun: “Rock, Rock, Rock,” Minus The Boohwal


I rarely post about singles, but I think that some of these that I came across this week are worth highlighting. Not all are new, but all of them are new to me in some form or another.

FT Island | “Theory of Happiness”

This song is worth a post by itself, but I think I’ll wait for the whole album at some point in the future to give myself time to talk about the song in detail. This song is amazing, and it’s a shame that FT Island won’t succeed in mainstream Korean music with a song like this. Good thing Japan’s music industry exists or we won’t see the “Theory of Happiness”s come to light. Then again, I seem to prefer anything in Japanese over Korean.

Cho Yong-pil | “Hello (feat. Verbal Jint)” and “Bounce”

I’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 months, because I didn’t come across this song until yesterday. Yes, yesterday. I totally ignored Gaya‘s Spotlight at Seoulbeats on this 63 year old legend like an idiot, and only bothered to pay attention to the song because…it showed up on Younha‘s twitter. (My obsession with Younha is really getting out of hand now.) Nevertheless, Hello contains some awesome music.

Younha | “Delete”

Speaking of Younha, “Delete” is my new favorite song of hers for the week (from her first album). I add it in because I can.

John Park | “Slipping My Life” and “Too Late”

John Park released his new album Inner Child back on the 2nd, and I unfortunately didn’t cover it that day under the impression that I’ll write a review for it. It’s a good album, and the two songs I have up above are probably my two favorite songs from the album. As for whether the review will exist depends on the response I get, because High Heel‘s review remains half written (I’m sorry!)

Shinee | “Password”

I love this song so much. It’s in my top five Shinee songs ever. Too bad the rest of the album is lackluster compared to this little gem. Boys Meet U is not a bad listen, but it just feels incomplete and haphazard. For me, an album is made or broken on cohesion, and this is one of those unfortunate circumstances where a lack of cohesion has broken an album. The songs are still decent, for the most part, so go check it out.

Icon | “Hello”

Turns out the lead of the drama “Rock, Rock, Rock” has come out with a new group named Icon. No Min-woo is an incredibly talented musician, and the author of my favorite Trax song of all time, “End of the World.” Hearing about his new comeback certainly got me excited, but what I got isn’t exactly what I wanted. “Hello” happens to be the one standout track on the album, so I’ve posted it here.

Yan Wei-ling and Utopia | “最遙遠的距離是自己離開自己 (The Greatest Distance is Leaving Yourself Behind)”

Thank you Emily (dramarathon) for posting this song on your Tumblr. It’s wonderful. But I think Emily describes it best herself:

Utopia. Music that brings you out of this world.

Ethereal, electronic post-rock ambient band fronted by Taiwanese Singer Yan Wei Ling’s magical voice.

Lim Kim | “Like You Know It All”

I’m not a big fan of “All Right,” but this song is amazing. “Like You Know It All” has an artistic quality to it that I felt most of her other songs on the album lacked. I wish she promoted this one, over “All Right.”

That’s it for my picks of the week! If you liked this kind of post, let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to do one relatively often. What were your favorites this week?

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4 responses to “Just For Fun: “Rock, Rock, Rock,” Minus The Boohwal

  1. Yay! Thanks for including Yan Wei Ling X Utopia, they’re beautiful! You should check out the entire album!
    I’m having trouble reconciling this Lim Kim with the Kim Ye Rim I saw in Shut Up Flower Boy Band :S haha! Pity she seems to have given up alot of her jazzy musical character for something so much more bland and commercial.
    The FT Island song is sooo Japanese! 😛
    I dont know why Korea has something against mainstream bands that actually play instruments, what with all the ban on playing live and shit. It sucks how much Kpop is a dog eat dog world so restricted by corporate interests.


    • I certainly will. Yan Wei-ling X Utopia is incredible.

      Yeah, Lim Kim was a let down. But apparently she’s all the rage in Korea.

      I personally found FT Island (and CNBlue for that matter) pretty bland in Korea, but awesome in Japan. Can we just leave them in Japan forever? Korea is stupid sometimes when it comes to their rock bands; Nell couldn’t even play live on several music show performances.


  2. Once again, you said Rock and you delivered. I loved the Younha , of course, because you already turned me into a fan of hers. SHINee…loved it as well. I had heard the FT ISLAND…because I already have that CD. FREEDOM is my favorite, but this song is second for sure. Kudos to John Park, I will say although I like the English in SIPPING MY LIFE, I prefer the TOO LATE, call me crazy since I should prefer the one I understand. Yan Wei Ling…Utopia, was awesome. Great video as well. Once again you have pointed me in so many music directions, I don’t see how I can keep up. I commend you for your hard work, thank you for the post.



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