A Gift to Fans of Kim Hyun Joong

Despite my snarky comment about Kim Hyun Joong on my last “Musings” post, fans of Kim Hyun Joong (or at least people who care about him,) make the largest section of my fledgling/non-existent readership.  To thank you all for reading my article despite what I said about him, (I’m sorry, but it’s kind of true.) I would like to gift you all for your support/non-support with a article dedicated to the awesome people you probably all are:

Edit: So I guess this post is starting to sound a bit all over the place in terms of tone, but I really do want to do this for all of you. So if any of those topics sound interesting, please vote on them.  I totally appreciate all of you guys, since its the views that really help me keep going.  So don’t feel shy about responding, even if you’re here all of ten seconds. I’m still a no-name blog, so I don’t actually have anything like a giveaway, but who knows, maybe someday.  I also really want to improve the site, so please comment on my “Improving the Blog” post to help me make this place better! It can be anything from content to how the blog is laid out. As a bonus, I have a playlist of Hyun Joong’s solo music videos.

If I get above 20 Votes for an Article, it will certainly get published!

Music Videos!

[And if you’re all wondering if I’m lying through my teeth about liking Kim Hyun Joong, I absolutely am not.  He’s a fantastic 4D Idol that I enjoy watching, it’s just that he’s not the best actor out there–I did think he was adorable in Playful Kiss though.]

(Images belong to respective owners, Keyeast, etc.)



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