Just for Fun: Blog Statistics


If you’ve read my two sentence bio (here on the sidebar or at Seoulbeats), I’m obviously an engineer who seems to like doing stuff completely non-science related as much as she likes the science stuff.  This blog is one of those “un-sciencey” things, but knowing myself, the inquisitive side of me has to come in at some point, right? So in this next installment of my “Just for Fun” or “Just because I felt like writing something on my blog, so I might as well do it.” kind of posts, here’s a fun look at Blog Statistics and how I approach and use them, and a “poll” on why people read this blog.

Via lovestats.wordpress.com

Via lovestats.wordpress.com

Okay, there is purpose to doing this, because as much as I enjoy writing about random things I like, most blogs that are successful tend to have a very specific niche that appeals to a consistent audience.  So of course, like the engineer I am, I follow the statistics of my blog pretty closely–for example, my most read post is actually the previous “Just For Fun” and before that it was my first “Musings” post.  The correlation between the two? A “Kim Hyun Joong” tag.  The problem though is that the “Musings” post wasn’t actually about Kim Hyun Joong, and vistors pretty much left as fast as they came.  I felt really bad about one, mis-tagging that, and two, also not mentioning Hyun Joong in the best of light. so, as a sort of an apology for that, I created the poll to actually write a post on Hyun Joong. Surprisingly though, the number of poll responses and the views are extremely disproportionate–an rate of almost 1/8. So clearly, something isn’t working there.

Now that I’m getting visitors that come via Seoulbeats, I have more people that stay for longer periods of time, but fewer overall visitors.  This is also good, because of course I want people to read what I actually spend time writing.  However, I’m starting to get a huge disparity between how people approach my K-ent posts (mostly my K-pop post) and everything else in pop culture I address and find interest in.

Of course, it would be stupid of me to spend so much time brooding over who reads my stuff, because well, I write because I want to.  However, as much as bloggers in general say that, it’s kind of nice to have views and commenters because then we know we are engaging people.  I like having a two way street instead of talking to a wall (at least it’s a good looking wall.) Since I can do the latter right now in my room anyhow, why go online to do it? When I write posts, I want to tell other people stuff, not myself, since, you know, I kind of already know what I’m writing.

So as a way to get to know all of you readers out there, and to find out what I should be devoting more attention to, I would love to have you guys answer this poll.  And please do respond, because it doesn’t tell anyone anything if no one actually responds.  Don’t get me to start talking about the statistical math, because trust me, you don’t want me to. It only takes like 10 seconds, so please, please do it. You’re already here, you might as well. I would also greatly appreciate comments about what you come here for and what you expected out of this blog. For those who are kind enough to do so, a heartfelt thank you from me!

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