[#50] Seventeen, “Adore U”


Seventeen has had a wild ride of a rookie year, going from K-pop hipster favorite to bonafide hit upon the release of Boys Be. Were it not for a juggernaut rookie carrying a fanbase years in the making called iKON, they’d probably be winning rookie awards left and right1.

In a year where girl groups as a whole completely washed over their male counterparts, Seventeen joins a small cohort of boy group releases on this list, and rightfully so. Bizarrely low-budget MV aside, “Adore U” is a wonderfully vibrant and nostalgic pop track that manages to speak to a time before the likely Big Bang catalyzed “hip-hop” revolution in K-pop proper ransacked the boy band landscape. That being said, Seventeen has a highly competent Hip-Hop subunit (unlike their stylistic predecessors, the SM Brand (TM)) and they have their place, but the rap components don’t override the incredibly clean and expressive vocals (now becoming a 1 in a million occurrence in K-pop).

What I like most about “Adore U” though, is the arrangement. “Adore U” is able to make a cornucopia of sound appear cohesive–it travels from blasting electric guitar to accordion to rap to synth-y a cappella-lite and back virtually seamlessly–making the song not just enjoyable, but memorable.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rUFQJrCT7M]


1| This comment is not meant to shame iKON; rather it is an attempt at recognizing that Seventeen had 0 chance at awards, despite growing so rapidly.


3 responses to “[#50] Seventeen, “Adore U”

  1. I’ll try to comment on every post heh!
    This was an amazing debut, one of those songs I knew I would be putting on loop for days from the first few seconds I first heard it. You’d think that for a genre so suitable for this kind of youthful, catchy candy pop that funk would be better utilized in kpop, but nope. Until Seventeen that is. I personally like this song more than Mansae because in Adore U every single part flows as a cohesive whole, and every single part is catchy. And the production is top-notch. More self-producing groups please!!

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  2. love this songgggg 👍👍👍 although I prefer mansae slightly more. surprised that you think the mv was low budget though because all those set pieces and cg probably didn’t come cheap…



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