The Blog Made on a Whim

I have absolutely no idea why I got myself a WordPress blog. Maybe it was the desire to become part of the community I have now invested way too much time in. Maybe it’s because I like customizing the site. Maybe it’s just because I think it’s going to be fun.

Since I made this blog years before I even bothered to write in it, I’m being rather ridiculous thinking that this will actually become something besides an avenue for me to post random pictures of pretty things, my internet fandoms, and of course, just what comes on a whim. I mean seriously, that very first picture is setting the “this is going to be utterly random” ambiance all by itself.

Then again, isn’t that what having “a splash of inspiration” is all about? Doing things because you’re suddenly inspired to do so? Like starting a blog?

Let’s just make it clear right now that I’m not expecting this to be a journal or a diary or anything that personal. It’s just a place to appreciate the little things we all do, whether it’s done by myself, or by others. Personally, I’ll probably just elaborate way too much about my internet interests, but the real goal is just enjoy ourselves as a community of blog readers and write things because we feel like it. Hopefully thoughtful discourse and creation will be commonplace, and randomness will be appreciated.

So if anyone has any ideas for anything that this blog can talk about, write them in the comments. That way, this blog becomes a creation of both the writer and those who read it.

As for me, I’ll hopefully keep posting whenever I feel inspired.

(Images belong to respective owners.)


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