Go Soo’s Suit Fashion


So one really interesting search term I came across for this site was  “Empire of Gold — Go Soo Suit Fashion,” and those who follow me on twitter might know that I had quite a hoot about it. But then in the Soompi forums, I see just that–a pic spam of Go Soo in suits, so I thought, “why not fulfill a dear viewer’s request?” And this page was born. (I mean, come on, he’s incredibly dashing in a suit.)

Pictorial 1 (I have no idea where it came from besides Soompi and Nate)
Harper’s Bazaar

2 responses to “Go Soo’s Suit Fashion

  1. okay… he has officially supplanted don draper of mad men in my men in suits canon. he still trails behind tony leung in the mood for love!


    • Buhahaha! But I’ve got to say, this dude has never managed to wear a suit badly (unlike a lot of people in K-Ent).

      I should probably link the “suit competition” they had at the EoG press conference. It’s no surprise who won.



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