Dramas I’ve Watched


Dramas I’ve Watched
  • Goong: If there is a single drama on this planet that I feel 80% of international fans list as their first drama, it would be this one. Myself included. (Technically I saw Oh! My Lady first, but I had finished the entirety of Goong before I even got half way through the former.) I am forever a fan of Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon, no matter how mediocre their acting actually was (trust me, they get really good in the future.)  The beauty of Goong really lies in its aesthetics; its stunning cinematography, soundtrack, and costuming. This is one of the few dramas that I have re-watched, and it was for nostalgia alone.
  • Oh! My Lady: You’ll all soon find out that I’ve made some terrible choices in dramas, at least in terms of dramas that will remain meaningful to me till the end. Oh! My Lady I only watched because I recognized Choi Siwon from Super Junior. (Yes, I watched a drama for an idol, and yes, I’m embarrassed about the fact that I did.) In my defense, Super Junior was my first exposure to Korean culture all together, so obviously I would find Oh! My Lady before anything else.
  • Playful Kiss: When I said I made some terrible choices in dramas, I was dead serious! Although, if you read my post about this particular show, I do find some merits to its cotton candy nature, so check it out.
  • Boys Over Flowers: So this one was a complete and utter mistake, but I watched all of it.  I’m the best example of “curiosity killed the cat” ever, because that is exactly what this drama did. However, I think that watching BOF is a right of passage, so watch the whole thing if you haven’t. I dare you.
  • Full House: I have absolutely no idea how I got through this one. But I did.
  • 18 vs. 29: This drama is a tad old school, and is a great feel good drama.
  • Dong Yi: This was my first big sageuk, and I almost finished it, so I guess this should count, right? I stopped at episode 50 because I couldn’t take the show any longer.  I loved it in the beginning, and then it went all makjang on me, so I gave up.
  • The King 2 Hearts: This is probably my first drama that I outright loved, and now I am a huge fangirl of Ha Ji-won, Jo Jung-suk, Lee Yoon-ji and Lee Seung-gi (who I liked in MGIAG). This show was that awesome, and basically everyone should see it. It may not be objectively perfect, but it has so much heart that I couldn’t help but fall in love with the show.
  • My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: My first foray into the Hong Sisters Drama world, and it was awesome.
  • My Princess: Technically a bad life choice, but I don’t regret this drama for a second. I finally found out who Kim Tae-hee and “The Hand Towel” are, and got some beautiful clothes to look at in the process.
  • Lovers in Paris: I wasn’t a huge fan of the drama in the first place, but that ending totally killed it.
  • My Name is Kim Sam Soon: MNIKSS is pretty much the biggest K-drama ever, and it was totally and absolutely worth it.  This iconic drama is 105% heart. If you are a K-drama watcher at all, this is really the rom-com of all rom-coms ever.
  • Pasta: This is a show that entirely rested on the two main characters, because everything else was kind of meh. This also introduced me to the sheer awesomeness that is Lee Seon-kyun. Gong Hyo-jin was great as well, and I’ll never forget the way she would say “Chep!”
  • Sunny Happiness: Technically a C-drama, but I did watch it in its entirety. I didn’t love it as much as some people, but I loved the music, and for my first C-drama, it’s not bad.
  • Terroir: No clue why I watched it, but I liked looking at all the restaurant antics? This was also my only real exposure to Han Hye-jin, Kim Joo-hyuk, and Ki Tae-young.
  • Fated To Love You: This was my first Taiwanese drama, and it was definitely a big one. The initial premise, now that I think about it, has the same airs as Sunny Happiness. By the end of the drama, I got disinterested, but the first half is pretty good.
  • Cyrano Dating Agency
  • Empire of Gold
  • Liar Game
  • There’s more, and I’ll update as I think of them. Meanwhile, I have a list of dramas that I followed to some degree. This list has a lot of good dramas in it, so don’t miss it.



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