A New Future


In my last post about two months or so ago, I mentioned that I was setting up a new future for this blog, and that future is here, more or less. I started out writing here as supplement to “professional” Korean entertainment editorial work, and so I focused on those aspects of blogging. Now I’d like to move away from my personal restrictions that had been tying my hands behind my back and talk about everything from (any and all) media to general creative writing and maybe even politics.

The reason for this has a lot to do with my professional training. I’ve started medical school, and becoming a physician comes with an obligation to understand the world beyond the avenue of healthcare. Though it all may seem like this is just about the people I’m going to support in the future, it’s honestly about my own sanity too. Life as a clinician is about balance, dedication, and thoughtfulness in personal and professional settings, and that’s a growing process writing supports and develops.

As for why it took me two months to come back to this after announcing a change was that I needed to learn what those growing processes really entailed after entering my new environment. Was I going to just post all the work that I have sitting in drafts and bid goodbye once and for all? Was I going to completely change directions and get into personal writing? I came to the conclusion that neither of those extremes made sense.

I came up with the name “A Splash of Inspiration” for rather dumb and irrelevant reasons, but in this moment, I’m thrilled that I picked something that would allow me to speak about whatever matters to me in the time-space that I currently exist in. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


One response to “A New Future

  1. Hi!
    I just want to say first, congrats for getting into medical school!! I’m starting 3rd year of medical school too (UK). It’s really nice to come across another medic blogger!!
    Second, I REALLY love your writing! I’ve bookmarked the posts that speak to me the most like your posts on Big Bang’s Loser, so I really hope you continue writing because I really look forward to it. I’m also really impressed that you’ve managed to blog consistently while studying medicine!
    Anyway, best of luck with everything!

    PS – I’ve just started blogging myself, please do check it out 🙂 https://dontcarewhatuthink.wordpress.com/

    Best wishes,



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