[#38] Baek Ye Rin, “Across the Universe”


Effectively “across the universe” from Park Ji Min’s solo debut is her 15& partner in crime, Baek Ye Rin, and her solo debut with the EP Frank. To be honest I had no idea what a Ye Rin debut would look like, and least likely on broad and meaningless predictions for Ye Rin was “Tumblr Aesthetic.”

Well, guess what we ended up with.

Most of Frank, including “Across the Universe” came off too try-hard for my taste, and before you all beat me up for being the worst kind of hipster–the hipster of hipsters–I do want to mention that “Across the Universe” did end up on my list so that must clearly mean that I really liked something about it. And I did.

“Across the Universe” would have ended up in my mental dust bin were it not for Baek Ye Rin herself. The lackadaisical sheen to the song makes the whole thing seem a lot less forced than it appears at first glance, and the piano interlude at 3:20 really sealed the deal for me. Yerin has a “caught in throat” quality to her voice that is a little off-putting, but her natural warmth and her talent of adding touches of brightness in her delivery of “come over to me…” and other phrase endings make “Across the Universe” a really pleasant listen.

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