[#41] Miss A, “Love Song”


More often than not my tastes do not align with South Korea’s digital music listeners’, and miss A’s offering this year is in no way an exception to the trend. “Only You” remains one of the biggest hits of the year (sadly for them, overshadowed by Exo‘s massive fanbase), yet I personally found it to be one of the most boring. (So much for “disliking banal love.”)

The group’s mini, Colors, similarly doesn’t push boundaries or refine existing ones, so it becomes a nice listen, albeit unmemorable. “Love Song” is the one big exception though, taking the crown for best song in Colors from both a production-based and a composition-based standpoint. Pretty much all of the vibrancy that the rest of Colors lacks got dumped into this fabulous, violin-celebrating track that soars in both its highs and lows. The verses/pre-chorus have a gorgeous deep warmth that sets up the icier chorus, and the string based drop (can you believe it?!) is so phenomenal I’m gladly forgiving the embarrassing middle 8-refrain seam.

You’re welcome, miss A.


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