[#39] Crayon Pop, “Dancing All Night”


I really don’t know what Crayon Pop is doing in Korea from a musical standpoint. They are a Japanese group through and through and I’m thankful that the group hit it quasi-big via “Bar Bar Bar” to get the capital to ship themselves to Japan with a nice investment or two to boot. My favorite Crayon Pop song remains the seriously underrated “Bing Bing”–a song I only came across by chance while perusing through the group’s back catalog. If I could bend the rules and post songs that I discovered this year on top of what was actually released this year, “Bing Bing” may find itself in the top 10 of the year.

“Dancing All Night,” one of Crayon Pop’s Japanese singles for the year, is also adorably excellent, hitting on all of the J-pop electronic tropes that makes J-pop-electronica attractive. Being a Korean group does lend itself some advantages though, including the existence of an equally adorable dance routine, and the avoidance of the unnaturally saccharine. Apart from the J-pop-iness of “Dancing All Night,” I preferred it over “FM” (also a fun song) because it’s a lot less lethargic of a song and has brighter tone characteristic of Japanese production. While “FM” might be the more “intellectual” of two (that’s not saying much though, in context), there are times when sugar is better left alone. This is certainly one of those times.

One response to “[#39] Crayon Pop, “Dancing All Night”

  1. idk they sort of lost the character that makes them so awesome in this release. I would’ve thought resinging any of their old songs in Japanese would’ve worked better. The FM concept was so great, as was the song until it started to drag on itself. Song-wise, I think Dancing Queen is my all time fav of them, and that iljin school girl thug concept was everything.



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