[#47] Nine Muses, “Hurt Locker”


To be honest, this is a pretty low showing for a group that started dropping hit after hit since “Figaro,” but I don’t want to discredit how successfully Nine Muses handled a rather generic song better than a lot of groups handled less generic songs. The running themes of the summer turned out to be redundant repertoire (APink‘s “Remember”–which happens to be a decent song in grand scheme of things), just plain messy (Sistar‘s “Shake it”), or worst of all, embarrassing (SNSD‘s “Party”–a song that is a million times better as a remix).

After reading the above, if this question–“How can “Hurt Locker” end up so high and Seventeen‘s song so low? Why are you rewarding being basic???”–is going through your brain right now, I don’t blame you. Here’s the somewhat unsatisfying answer:

When “Hurt Locker” came out, it was the less smoggy air in a sludge of duds and as such elevated its presence. Songs like “Hurt Locker” are reminders that music doesn’t exist in a vacuum; that they live and breathe in the environment they arrive in and that those factors shape not only the real time experience of the song but the memory of it that is left behind. “Hurt Locker” left a rather nice memory.

*Note: I put up a poll to see if people could guess the song at this position and a impressive 40% got it right. I’m curious to hear what logic made them select this one over the others.



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