[#48] Anda, “Mastering”


Some might know Andamiro (now Anda) as K-pop’s fluffy electro-pop queen with tracks like “Hypnotize,” but after her old company went bankrupt, Andamiro decided to not only shed her old name but also her old music style for something a little more refined and mature. Both tracks Anda released this year are fabulous, and the fun dance track “Touch” has a bit of a niche following with its MV beautifully referencing lesbian imagery. Nevertheless, I went with “Mastering” here because it’s honestly the more noteworthy song of the two.

“Mastering” is the first of a long list of tracks on this countdown that succeeds via subtlety. I usually frown on breathy vocals, but Anda does breathy so masterfully (pun intended) that it adds much needed dimension to a rather conservative melody.  However, even well done breathy can be overwhelming without spacing, and the liquid rap-talk and rounded synth provides just that. Add a bit of forward-pushing yet sufficiently conservative percussion, and we have a song that evokes romance with the right amount of intrigue to spice things up.

Now this is how you do sexy.


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