Music of the Week: “Being Crazy Isn’t Enough”


The world seems to live in the future–yes, the future, “a state of humanity that operates and configures for another future farther down in time.” That future building centers on the ability of people to predict the trajectory of multiple aspects of human existence–be it scientific, cultural, economic or political. Predictability is tied with security, and security, I’d argue, is the fundamental pursuit in life for the average human being. Eons ago, security was about having the chance to see another sunrise, but these days, one’s understanding of future is that of a lifetime of future. How you are born, how you grow-up, how you live as adult, how you become elderly, and how you die; all of this is starting to be meticulously planned out…and executed.

Yet the universe is fundamentally random. No future can ever be perfectly crafted, and that’s something that has always given me a sense of humility and fear. I think many people, myself included, have been walking through each day too afraid to do anything because this world is crazy enough to pin down every step of living. Fear of failure, embarrassment, and wrong judgement can crush people and prevent them from taking any control over what lies ahead. It’s not enough to want something and work for it in the moment, one has to “prove their worth” against others. I didn’t have the strength to put myself out, and it has come back to haunt me.

The thing that makes me chuckle over all of this self-imposed drama is that my own worries have turned me into the entity that I thought I was running away from–craziness. So this Music of the Week is dedicated to the things that make us more confident to put ourselves out there and find that we are what we are. If we don’t bet on ourselves, who will? Life is about the having the nerve to “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy” as a beloved cartoon teacher might say, but it’s also about accepting that where we are isn’t always a bad place to be. To consider that maybe being crazy isn’t quite enough to survive.

BoA, “Shattered”

Justin Oh, “We Own the World (feat. Amber & Luna)”

Shinee, “View”

Andamiro (Anda), “I Don’t Care”

Kahi, “Rollercoaster”

Big Bang, “Ego”

Beast, “One”

Andamiro, “Hypnotize (Extended Club Remix)”

4Minute, “Over and Over (R.Tee Remix)”

Nine Muses, “Hurt Locker”

EXID, “I Feel Good”

(Cover Image Background: Minjae Lee |, Media belongs to respective owners.)


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