The Sunshine Award Shines Again

Sunshine Award

Here is a warm and summery thank you to apqaria at Crush on Lee Da Have for nominating me for the Sunshine Award! I debated about tacking this additional nomination to the post I just did for blogging “awards,” but I figured that it was better that I didn’t make that post any longer than it already is. For my nominations and questions, check that one out.

Onward to the questions!

What drama/movie do you watch to cheer you up?

I have a tendency to watch ridiculous rom-com tv movies (like the Hallmark stuff, no joke) whenever I feel suffocated about life and myself. I think my go to movie is Marry Me, starring Lucy Liu and Steven Pasquale, mostly because I love Lucy Liu and the fact that the OTP was wacky and spontaneous yet really approachable. While the movie has plenty of faults, the characters are likable in ways that I wish K-dramas tried to capitalize on instead of relying on tired tropes. Jerk male leads and overbearing male leads are not the be all end all.

What made you feel the urge to start blogging?

(Alright, I’ll write out how it happened this time….)

I used to be a huge follower of Seoulbeats several years ago; in fact, I was a pretty frequent commenter on the site. One day, for reasons I still don’t understand, I was approached about writing for the site. Frankly, I thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I took the job. I instantly freaked out after agreeing, because I was never one to write for other people. I was insecure about my writing skills, and to this day, I still am. I fully admit that I’m not a good writer by the metrics that establish good writing. I’m rather flippant and wordy, and often times my prose lacks balance and flow. Grammar easily becomes awkward because I think about and modify my sentences as they reach the paper. (The effects of this are really obvious when you read my twitter.)

In order to practice, I began writing in the blog (this blog) that I set up for another purpose–a makeshift site for a project that my childhood friend and I were planning. That “project” fell through and since I didn’t have the heart to throw away the blog I made, I turned it into my own writing space for things regarding Asian entertainment.

Do you follow a schedule for your drama watching and blogging?

Heck no. Do you see this site?

What is the first thing attract you to watch a drama/movie? (Cast, Story, ….Etc)

For me, it’s characters and story coupled together, with characters taking priority. Boring characters are the number one reason I drop a drama.

What is the weirdest dream you had recently?

I’ve had plenty of ridiculous dreams but I always seem to forget them a couple hours after I wake up and I never write them down. Nevertheless, I do know that I have lots of school related dreams! XD

Are you a big eater? And what is your favorite dish?

I like food a lot, though I don’t have a favorite dish. I tend to go for bold flavors in a stereotypically Indian fashion.

Would you ever want to try dangerous sports like sky dive or bungee jump?

While I may initially say yes, the likelihood of me having to chicken-out later is pretty high. Then again, I like roller coasters and rides of the like, so maybe I’ll follow through?

What is your favorite drama in 2015 till now? And what is the drama you are most looking forward to watch?

The only 2015 drama I’ve seen so far is The Lover, so I figure that’s automatically my favorite. As for any future dramas, I’m looking forward to whatever Park Gyeong-soo writes next.

If you have to choose another profession/study other than the one you have, what would that be?

I think I would go into finance.

Cute or Sexy?

Is this a catch-22??? No fair.

Do you watch variety shows? If yes, which is your favorite?

Sometimes. In the past, I would watch Running Man,1N2D, some music related shows, and DBSK variety snows. Now my favorite is tvN‘s The Genius.

4 responses to “The Sunshine Award Shines Again

  1. Congrats! Loved your answer to the question ” Do you follow a schedule for your drama watching and blogging?”. So true, so true. I don’t have a schedule either. 😛


  2. Are you serious about your writing skills? It’s really funny how we never perceive ourselves the way others perceive us. I think your writing style is terrific. 🙂



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