Looking Forward To: Three Days

Three Days Collage

There’s isn’t a word to describe it–other than “Drama Slump,” I guess–for my disengagement with dramas recently. I’m currently in a sort of lethargic state of drama watching that involves at most, recaps. If I really wanted to, I could probably follow one show, but I don’t. Even if the drama happens to be good, like Miss Korea, I can’t get myself to watch, to devote those hours to a story and characters that doesn’t excite me the way I want. As for what “exciting” actually means to me, I have no clear idea myself. Honestly, the last live drama I saw to completion was Empire of Gold, which is kind of sad given that I’m supposedly a drama fan.

The thing is, over the last few months I’ve been burned time and time again by light dramas, from Mirae’s Choice, to The Prime Minister and Iso rom-coms are clearly just not my thing. However, rest of the crop, sageuks, medical shows, etc. haven’t been much better to suck me into a 16 hour commitment. As a result, my theory is that I’m waiting for a darker, grittier drama to appear in the drama verse to bring be back in. Three Days might be that action packed drama waiting for me, full of intrigue that extends beyond boring single episode arcs (looking at you, K-drama crime procedurals). At least, that’s all I can tell from the 30 second preview for the show.

Teaser Trailer:

The screenwriter for Three days is Kim Eun-hee (a female screenwriter!!!), the pen behind Ghost…which tells me very little. I haven’t personally seen Ghost because So Ji-sub can be a rather one tone presence outside of rom-com or heart wrenching melos and Lee Yeon-hee pre-Miss Korea isn’t exactly all that watchable. In any case, Kim seems well versed in the thriller side of K-drama, so I would suppose that there’s reason to be relatively optimistic. The show stars Yoochun, Yoon Je-moon and Sohn Hyun-joo, so that’s already an improvement from the writer’s last endeavor.

Moreover, based on the recent trend of drama choices of those three actors, I have reason to be even more excited about Three Days. I can’t get much from Yoochun, since his choices can be a hit or miss. (I amount that to trying to branch out into various genres.) However, Sohn Hyun-joo’s recent dramas have been right up my alley (dark, contemplative pieces), which include my love of last year, Empire of Gold, and The Chaser. Yoon Je-moon has great taste too, as he arguably had the titular role in last year’s (or maybe even the past few years’) best drama, End of the World, and has been in good/hit dramas his entire career.

So yeah, I’m cautiously (read: very) optimistic. What do you guys think?


3 responses to “Looking Forward To: Three Days

  1. This looks very interesting. Oddly enough I was also looking for something new to watch. I landed on IRIS. It’s been good so far. It has good writing and some characters that I liked right away. I’m in for the duration. THREE DAYS looks like a definite must see. But, currently airing I have fallen for EMERGENCY COUPLE. I find the characters very enjoyable to watch, it’s clever and funny and I am smitten. Honestly….you could say that it doesn’t take much for me to be smitten, I am pretty easy. I am also painfully making my way through THE HOURS OF MY LIFE. I am watching that one, but I guess deep down, I feel I deserve to be punished. I know it will be gut wrenchingly bad for me…..but still I continue to watch. Thanks for your post.



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