SNSD’s “Love & Peace” Album


So, before I go insane pondering the meaning of life and mangroves (Don’t ask. Final paper.), and to save myself from insanity from listening endlessly to Subsonic  and Frandé’s Album and spiral into depression, here’s Shoujo Jidai (SNSD)‘s newest Japanese Album, Girls Love & Peace. 

(Gosh with all of the “something and something” that has been going on with SNSD, I keep screwing up titles!)



So umm… the album sounds like every SNSD Japanese album ever???




Sorry guys, I’ve got nothing.

Okay, okay, you caught me, this is just a post to express my love for “Flyers.” (LISTEN TO IT.)



Did you listen to it? You better not leave without doing that! *Insert threatening face*

And to all of you hard working students, good luck on Finals! (I know I’ll definitely need the luck.)


Darn it. The Gif is too big. Click image to view. 😉

(Universal Music, GIF)


5 responses to “SNSD’s “Love & Peace” Album

      • Yeah 🙂 I was doing conservation work for a while and the bulk of it was on mangroves. I’m now a research assistant for a book writing project on the status of mangroves in our country.

        Mangrove research may seem a bit boring when you compare it with other fields of marine biology, but it’s been an exciting experience for me 🙂


  1. Girls & Peace, Love & Girls, and then Love & Peace maybe the next album will be Peace & something 😛 I think Shoujo Jidai tried to be more cheerful for every album release and I like first album theme better 😐 Out of all track that isn’t made into single before, Karma Butterfly is my most favorite song 🙂



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