A Quirky and Enjoyable Extended Preview for “The Prime Minister and I”


Most people, myself included, were totally not expecting anything good out of The Prime Minister and I, because Sound of Music + K-Drama + Yoona did not sound like an enjoyable mix no matter how I looked at it. Yoona is famous for being dead weight in nearly anything she does–acting, singing, dancing–the only thing that I knew she was decent at was selling stuff, but even her photoshoots/CFs are a hit and miss.

Then there’s the pesky little thing called SM Culture and Contents that seems to be running the show from behind. With SM’s track record in all things drama, this was not looking good at all, Lee Bum-soo or not.

Once the whole contract marriage business news was revealed, I was half-way sold with this drama. (I’m such a sucker for them…if there is chemistry, I don’t care who the actors are.)

When the long preview came out, I was completely sold:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dqc31bWwu8s]

The Prime Minster and I stands out because it is quirky and self aware, with perfect comedic timing. When the show was describing itself as a warm, family-esque drama, I didn’t take it seriously. Boy was I wrong in doing so–“warm” is exactly the term I would use for what I saw. Even the less rom-com-y elements, a.k.a. sick dad, lost son, were funny enough to lighten the moment, but sentimental enough to give an emotional heartbeat to the show. The banter between Lee Bum-soo’s PM (Kwon Yul) and Nam Da-jung (Yoona) worked impeccably; it’s not trying too hard to be funny, but it’s funny and cute anyway. And the dream sequence? OMG. That’s to die for.


I was laughing for a good five minutes after watching this. (I also replayed it like ten times.)

The Prime Minister and I starts on December 9th. I’ll definitely be watching.

(SM Culture and Contents, KBS)

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