Looking Forward To: Younha’s “Subsonic” Part 2


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I think I’ve honestly outdone myself in anticipation for “It’s Alright” and Subsonic. I think I’ve built up expectations to a level that they could never be fulfilled.

I think I just need the album so I don’t destroy myself in my impatience.

Anyway, here is “It’s Alright”:

Younha certainly picked the right title for this one because that’s what it is, “alright.” Every Younha release has depth, so in context of what she does already, “It’s Alright” isn’t much. I don’t find it to be as impactful as some of her other works, most notably, “Set Me Free,” “Hope,” and “Strawberry Days.” Actually, this is the first time I’ve really seen Younha “try too hard” besides “It’s Not That.” As a result, I’ve come to the conclusion that Younha is just going release lackluster prerelease singles. I guess it would be a little much to expect Supersonic, but when the new album carries the namesake, it’s hard not to make comparisons or hope for the best. In fact, I’m clinging on to the phenomenal preview for “Subsonic” so tightly that you might think I’m about to fall off a cliff.

Here is the Tracklist for the upcoming album (songs with MVs are bolded):

  1. 시간을 믿었어
  2. Subsonic
  3. 없어
  4. 괜찮다 (It’s Alright)
  5. 아픈 슬픔
  6. Home
  7. Run (Acoustic)

What is this “Run (Acoustic)?” Well, I thought you’d never ask! Because I need to seriously rant.

This acoustic version of “Run” is the most awful thing she has ever released in her life, and I honestly have no idea whether or not I am not kidding about that. (Good joke gone bad? Maybe?) “Run” was decent until the last 30 or so seconds when the song decided to morph into “The Real Reason We Broke Up” with really odd background vocals. I honestly hope that this isn’t an indication of what is to come in the album, because I think I might cry.  The arrangement of the acoustic “Run” was pretty uninspired, and it doesn’t help matters that I hate the videographer from a “capturing Younha” standpoint. (The short blonde cut doesn’t do her any favors either.)

What did you all think of the single release? Still hyped for the album?



Here’s the mini-album’s cover, and it looks to be released December 3rd (or it might be the 6th)!


(Melon, WeAlive, CJ E&M)

9 responses to “Looking Forward To: Younha’s “Subsonic” Part 2

  1. Knowing younha she always releases a ballad during winter so this track didnt come as a surprise to me. I actually like the run acoustic version as well. To make you feel better younha’s second title track is “Nothing” featuring eluphant which will probably be rhe one she promotes and hopefully we get another mv


  2. A little info on younha subsonic mini album description as taken from her company wealive blog on naver: (translation not done by me but taken from the lovely admin on the goyounha tumblr account)

    Track 1 – (Believed in Time)Based on modern rock. Apparently includes her singing within a few octaves, which the article says is “thrilling to hear.”Track 2 – SubsonicProgressive configuration contains a mixture of various genres and songs. Unique rhythm and composition, dreamysound. Expected to be powerful on stage.Track 3 – (Without)Until now, Younha’s albums have never attempted to contained this feeling. Gloomy atmosphere and piano line that delivers uniqueness. Soulful vocals that remain deeply in your heart.Track 4 – (It’s All Right)Sad parting experiencing chest ache.Track 5 – (Pain of Sadness)Electronic sounds and rhythms, unique rock sensitivity. Synth lead, lyrics and melody, emotion and sadness with plenty of energy.Track 6 – HomeYounha’s own composition. Can make a suffering person feel warm.Track 7 – Run (CD ony)”Run” with a new composition.

    again credit for translation is the lovely admin on the goyounha tumblr account. THANKS


  3. i think probably Sub here indicates a more mellow album compared to the hyper and energetic Supersonic album. i thought “it’s alright” is okay. standard ballad stuff. younha sounds lovely as per normal but nothing spectacular.

    i dont understand why she went back to being blonde. she really doesn’t suit the light blonde hair. her era as the blonde rock chick during the “one shot” promotion was one i wanted to forget.


    • p/s. wonder if you had a listen to Hyorin’s solo album yet? i am enjoying it. i like that she chose to go with a more jazzy feel, which utilises her voice well.


    • That’s really my problem. The mellow songs on Supersonic were incredible, yet she decides to go with this really boring song. It’s pretty and everything, but knowing Younha can do better just makes it lackluster.

      Ugh the blonde. I never like short hair on Younha, and the fact that it’s also blonde makes it worse.


  4. In terms of creating music, i think there’s no such thing as being able to please everybody to their hearts content..I’ve just listened to Run (acoustic version) and i already fell in love with it..The live performance as well..The 1st version of Run is a really powerful song and this new version is even better..It’s like molding the song into something softer and new without losing the strength of it..Beautiful..Thanks for your hard work, younha..Love from Indonesia..



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