S.O.I.’s First Giveaway!


I’ve always had this weird desire to do a giveaway, so I thought that now would be a good time to have one, when I’m not exactly the most productive around here. Also, it’s Diwali, and almost Thanksgiving (American), so why not spread some good cheer?

What You Can Win:
  • Saltnpaper Album (MP3 Version)
  • The Avatar the Last Airbender Book 2 DVD Set (My favorite season)
  • Death Note Vol. 1 (Kindle or Paperback) [If you want a different volume, just let me know!]
  • The King 2 Hearts OST

(I’m buying from Amazon, so international shipping most likely isn’t possible for the physical items. Sorry! I’m a poor college student. If I manage to find a way to ship internationally without killing the bank, I’ll update here.)

You will also get an Empire of Gold OST song of your choice via iTunes (this was literally the only way I could get EoG in here) if you pick either the Death Note volume or the Saltnpaper album. (Provided everything works out logistically.)

How to Win:
  1. Subscribe/Follow (That’s the least you could do, right?)
  2. Comment below on which one you would like and why, as well as what drew you to the site. (If you just came for the free stuff, shame on you.)
  3. ….Um. That’s it. Pretty easy, right? I’ll chose the best answer at the end of the giveaway.

Giveaway closes on November 17th

EDIT: Congratulations to Aspiring Kpop Reviewer for winning the Giveaway! You should have received an email with information about your Saltnpaper Album 😀  (I honestly wish all of you could have won, it was hard to pick just one!)

14 responses to “S.O.I.’s First Giveaway!

  1. This post makes me realize that I didn’t subscribe to the site O.o I guess my habits of memorizing links and URLs are both a miracle and a bother. Why not just subscribe and wait for notifications of new posts? /headdesks

    Anyway, proceed to being shameless I guess.

    I’d like for the SALTNPAPER album~ That album is all kinds of perfect, and it’s the reason I found this site in the first place. I don’t remember what triggered me, but I found myself searching high and low for reviews of the album (and trust me it’s VERY hard to find even within the WWW let alone the eng trans to the songs) and your post came up in the first page. The glowing praises made me download the album [ouch I’m outed as a habitual Kpop leecher ;;___;;], and to have the album legally is a must, except that my yearly budget isn’t allowing it so far XD In fact, that post made me reevaluate my scarce Epik High song collection, and made me realize that you’re actually a Seoulbeats writer. HAHA.

    Anyway, thanks for your varied posts so far; you seldom get in-depth crits for Kpop, Kdrama and Life itself much interwoven in pages of 10000 words, eloquently put. I may not agree with some points sometimes, but at least I get to see things in a different pov, learn new things and sometimes find people who agree with what I think! 🙂

    PS: I hope you’re going to review Jae’s album. I think you’re going to do Jaurim’s too right? PLEASE DO T____T My friends tell me, yet again, that my tastes are too weird for them to handle.


  2. Wow…great post, your giving never ends. You GIVE great music reviews, that I have always found helpful. I predicate your detail and thought behind each songs description. I am one who says…gee, I like it. So I respect your musical knowledge. You also GIVE wonderful reviews of KDRAMAs. Not that your reviews are always wonderful…they are just well thought out, unbiased (well a little bias) reviews. You have lead me more than once to listen to, buy an album (on iTunes usually) or a drama. Sorry, I just realized this is a contest and I am shamelessly gushing too much. I will stop short of “all hale SOI” lol….I would love the king 2 Hearst ost. All of this, except for gushing because that I really mean, I live in the US…I guess I have never picked up on where you reside. So if I am in your shipping parameters…..please consider me happily interested on your drawing.
    Thank you.


  3. I would never steal from poor college student. 😉
    Still, I see things I like Avatar, Death note and specially TK2H OST.
    Why are you flashing these when I can’t have it?!

    When it comes to Avatar, I have such a great memories. Actually, I was watching for my nephew, but somehow it turned into tradition for us. 7 pm, 2 eps back to back.., he’s a kid in kindergarten I’m person who just knows glimpse of German. Managed to have an awesome times.

    Death note, tell me it’s manga. I honestly barely survived poor CF effects.

    For TK2H OST.., it’s worth fighting. I won’t use Hang Ah moves, but I heard pen can be deadlier then a sward in right hands.
    E’thing about TK2H was so beautiful OST couldn’t lack either. Perfect harmony of moment mixed with right tunes and lyrics just melts you away. TK2H did a good job with instrumentals, they were so strong that provoke so much pain and angst when it was needed.

    Don’t choose me.., but I’m glad you are still posting with your busy schedule. Keep up the good job.


  4. Believe it or not, you were one of the first blogs that followed me when I restarted my blog this summer! You were the first person to leave me awesome comments and feedback on my reviews! I think, if anything, SOI really did give me a splash of inspiration and helped revitalized my blog. Your kind words gave me the confidence to continue and your awesome reviews gave me a new perspective to compare my reviews to! Sorry for burying you in compliments but you definitely deserve them; AKR definitely is indebted to SOI.
    I think it’s wonderful that you’re having a giveaway! I would love to win that Saltnpaper album because of how amazing that album is but also because you requested that I reviewed that album too! It was thanks to you that I got to listen to that album and really analyze it like a true reviewer. That album definitely gives me chills when I listen to it all the way through so it is something special indeed.


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