Jaejoong’s “Butterfly” and “Sunny Day”

jaejoong_butterfly Unlike Jaejoong‘s previous prerelease single, “Sunny Day,” I instantly loved “Butterfly.” It has a great cohesion to it that doesn’t go through a lot of awkward up and downs. Yeah, it not anything brilliantly new, but what it does have is a sense of confidence in what it does have. It’s “basic” executed really well. Sometimes the difference between a good song and a bad one (besides not hearing it enough) is execution: is it instantly pleasing? If so, then you have not just a good song, but a “smart song.” “Smart songs” are not a reflection of the song writing, but of the intuition a company/artist has of its audience. “Butterfly” is a smart song. It will do Jaejoong well because his infinite fanbase will support him, and the people into pop-rock will take notice of him.

And that’s enough about that, here’s the amazing “Butterfly”:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Z8gGDfrR4ig]

“Sunny Day” will never be my thing, but I did grow to like it somewhat after several listens. I got bored (and frankly, annoyed) when I first heard “Sunny Day” because it was everything I hated about Jaejoong’s ballads…which is basically anything melodramatic and/or sappy with excessive orchestra. I admit that “Sunny Day” isn’t quite like that, and it does actually have moments of brilliance, (like the gorgeous melodic line right at the beginning of the chorus) but the rest is just screaming histrionics.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPeg7VPfbSg]

Then again, if “Sunny Day” is your thing, don’t let me sway you. What are your thoughts on the prerelease tracks? If anything I have gone from disinterested to intrigued with WWW. (Like really Jaejoong? Did you have to name your album with random letters again?)

(Video Credits to Respective Owners, Header Image via JYJ3)


2 responses to “Jaejoong’s “Butterfly” and “Sunny Day”

  1. Gosh I love Butterfly. I was disappointed when I learned that his pre release song would be Sunny Day. It’s sweet and all (and the lyrics match the melody so well), but there are tons of OST-ish songs like that everywhere. But I instantly brightened up after the release of Butterfly and then becoming very excited after seeing the MV teaser for his main track “Just Another Girl”. He sang with a live rock band in that teaser and that creepy psycho Jae is awesome!!. Now I can’t wait for the album to come. I still hope there will be a rock/power ballad like “One Kiss” in this new album though. That sub-genre suits his voice the best. The heavenly combination of his superb ballad voice with the power of rock. I’d like to hear him singing a song like Bon Jovi’s Bed of Roses. It would be spectacular. One Kiss is an epic song that quite close to that.



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