Jang Geun Seok’s Dating Sim


Leave it to Jang Geun-seok to release something as bizarre and self-centered as a dating sim. About himself. Dating you. Because our greatest dream is to not just date Jang Geun-seok, but also share him with every Jang Geun-seok fangirl ever. As a money maker, it’s a brilliant idea. As a memento of sanity…I have no idea.

Since I cover visual novels around here anyway, a dating sim should fall within the bounds of this place, right? So in respect to my video game enjoying side, I have given you the “Making of” video for the game, which is  admittedly  just a massive photoshoot where Jang Geun-seok can wear all the clothes he could ever desire.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=L2h3vCz2jzU]

But to set the record straight, this one by FifthDimensional on DeviantArt has got to be my favorite dating sim ever (and the only one I’ve really played). It is so freaking hilarious, witty, and basically just tramples over every dating sim cliche ever. No joke.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 5.39.52 PM

(Click picture for link.)

And no, choosing all of Jang Geun-seok’s pictures from forever ago (when he looked normal and had his stars lined up to be a good actor) is not an accident, and neither is my strategic inclusion of the Swimming Anime Sim.

(Kdramastars, Elle)


10 responses to “Jang Geun Seok’s Dating Sim

  1. Maybe I just don’t get it. But it seems icky. I really like him but now I think…hmmmm…..there is so much better use for this guy, come on. I hope someone sold him on this idea and he was not the brain child behind it. I will forgive and move on (I try and forget I ever watched this video.) thanks for posting.


  2. Ok, so when I first read the post, I was like, “Um. Oh dear.” Like, when will Jang Geun Suk ever embrace normalcy, ever again??

    But now that I’ve actually clicked and watched the video, I realize it’s for the Japanese market, and that puts a whole different spin on things. I don’t love it myself, but now that I know the context, it’s a little less eww and a little more understandable, in the sense that there IS a demand for this among Japanese women. And he is very popular in Japan. I could see Japanese women getting into this, as weird as it would appear to the rest of us..


    • Japan is of course Japan (a perfect place for him, now that I think of it) but there is a limit to how much you’re willing to stretch your ego. I mean, technically you’re not actually playing as JGS’s girlfriend (he’s some character whose name I no longer remember), yet sill I do find it to be the concept of the sim considering the character is very much stylized after himself.
      I also remain curious as to how he even fathomed becoming a sim character. He clearly knows his market demographic!


      • He does have quite the ego, from what I’ve seen. I watched a docu-variety thing about him being “Prince of Asia” and that was pretty fascinating. The impression that I got is that he’s really hungry for fan attention.

        I could see a company willing to cash in on that hunger, combined with the existing demand from the Japanese market, where women seem to love him. I wouldn’t be surprised if some savvy exec from the company proposed it to him, and it just didn’t take much for him to say yes. *Disclaimer: this is ALL in my imagination, of course! ^^


  3. I think you are both right. I do respect Japanese people for their flair and exuberance. I am too old to be that open about anything. That’s just me. More power to him for playing the prince to the hilt….and people love it. My friend (who I share everything Asian related) really loves a couple hard core Japanese rock bands. She is fast becoming my hero. It’s a slippery slope that I am sure I will slip down any day.



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