Medical Top Team Preview


Wow, I am totally digging this preview.

When I first heard about Medical Top Team and the casting of a certain incompetent idol actor in a medical drama, I thought I would just preempt my future misery by bypassing the entire show. However, this preview is giving plenty of reason not to; there’s not much of said idol (Minho, I don’t hate you…but I’m not optimistic), and it’s looking to be fast paced and intense. Sure, the whole medical realism is going to be subjected to some tampering (or a lot), but who cares when this is shaping up to be another war of the alphas? (If you can’t tell, I love my boardroom, alpha dominated shows.)

And Joo Ji-hoon, welcome back; this drama might fare you better than the one I’m going to pretend doesn’t exist.


EDIT: Preview number two!



Now Heirs, I hope you paid attention, because this is how you make a preview. Don’t make round two suck as much as round one did:


So folks, what are you going to watch? Heirs, Medical Top Team, or both? I might be taking on both (one for laughs, the other for thrill), but only time shall tell.

(*Runs back to study*)


4 responses to “Medical Top Team Preview

  1. Yep, I totally agree with you on MTT which wasn’t even remotely on my radar until this preview. My plate is too full though but who knows what will happen. As for Heirs, SBS hardly needs to cut a decent preview. They could’ve just plonked LMH next to PSH and filmed them lolling around on the couch and the entire universe will squee. So I commend them for putting some effort!


      • hahaha you’re so right. I actually think Lee Min Ho with a good director and script can do well so Heirs is a complete waste. For me it’s like his agency is trying to squeeze everything they can from him before he goes to the army… we all know flower boys don’t last forever.



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