Suspicious Housekeeper Extended Preview

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This is admittedly really a post of fleeting curiosity rather than a true interest in the story, though I can’t really tell you why my interest is so flimsy. If anything, Suspicious Housekeeper is rather stiff for a K-drama, (mostly from Choi Ji-woo‘s end) which is intriguing from the cinematic perspective, but really annoying from the acting perspective. I don’t blame Choi Ji-woo entirely however, as this drama seems to definitely play towards its dorama roots, especially in regards to the color palette, and some of the actors’ mannerisms. I haven’t personally seen Kaseifu no Mita (Watch Episode 1 here), but considering that it was a ratings juggernaut in Japan, it might be worth checking out the remake.

I’m usually ambivalent about Dorama-to-K-drama translations because every single one I’ve seen so far has been a flop compared to the original. Then again, those dramas I did watch were on the “meh” end already based on the source material, so I guess it is as much the fault of the story as it is the K-drama producers and writers for sucking so badly. Let’s be honest here, I’m probably just giving the latter too much benefit of the doubt for taking average and turning it into awfulness, but thankfully I haven’t been subject to any of it with my own eyes. It takes quite a lot to take a really good dorama and turn it into a mess of epic proportions (i.e. the drama that shall not be named that has a Doctor whose surname begins with a ‘J’), yet K-dramas pass this test with flying colors.

But before I digress to far into the land of sarcasm, I should add that this drama looks interesting enough to merit a first episode look. In all likelihood, I’m not going to actively watch it, but I think I’ll float around for recaps and such to see how it turns out. Anyway, here’s the ~7 min preview of the show, and if there’s one thing I’m thoroughly excited for, it’s the fantabulous child cast. It might be worthwhile to see episode 1 for their sake alone (and Park Geun-hyung’s).

I regretfully only give you the raw version, because I am currently incapable of speaking/understanding Korean.



13 responses to “Suspicious Housekeeper Extended Preview

  1. why is this reminding me of the magnificent “queens classroom” earlier this summer? also a dorama adaptation to kdrama.


  2. Shweta, queen’s classroom was one of the best this year, you should check that out.
    Choi Ji Woo is literally a robot LOL, but I like the jdrama feel.


    • Emily! (IDK why I’m always so excited to see you. But I am. Always. Call me weird.)

      I heard so many great things about that show that I really wanted to watch it. Oddly enough, the only thing stopping me was that rather horrific video for Shinee’s OST for the show that I regret watching…which is kind of strange, but still totally true. It just messed up the whole depth of the show in my head, seeing those complicated kids acting like happy little kids in a playground.

      Anyway, I should get around to watching it sometime. Maybe over the next couple of weeks.


      • Haha my selective hearing meant that I had no idea Shinee did the OST and got such a big shock when they started to play the horrible happy dance mv at the end it was so discordant with the show lol. But I guess it’s nice to see the kids being cute and happy, and not just angsty. Watch the show! It really gets under your skin.


  3. Kaseifu no Mita was crack. I was pretty addicted to the show back in ’11. But qualitatively? It was pretty dubious. It was like a Japanese makjang equivalent but… still… entertaining.
    The K-version will be pretty same-ish I reckon, looks similarly cracky and of dubious quality content.Might rake in those viewer figures, y’know. *arches eyebrow*


  4. so, can you please tell me where suspicious housekeeper is being subbed? despite being NO FAN of choi ji woo, me like very much the hot dentist ajusshi from wife credentials — lee sung-jae? – who is playing the male lead here.
    need to move on from empire of gold…..


  5. very uneven…. choi ji woo is pretty intolerable, the directing spotty especially in ensemble scenes so i am afraid even hot ajusshi may not be enough….


    • That’s unfortunate. I’ve been hearing mixed responses to both CJW and the drama itself; some really like it, some don’t. Based on the preview, I got GS vibes on the acting…lots of posturing that can get grating.



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