Lim Kim’s “Rain”


I wrote quite a while back on Lim Kim‘s album A Voice, to a smidgen of disappointment. Hearing about “Rain” didn’t leave me exceptionally optimistic for improvement (her album’s “flaws” are of the subtle kind), or even give me the interest in finding the song. Today I came across Lim Kim again, and I decided to give “Rain” a shot despite my earlier apathy. Lo and behold, it’s really good.

The music video and song are of equally simple composition; the former focuses on a red umbrella as the obvious symbol of rain, but it’s purpose is probably far more visual than metaphoric. The vibrant red fits the color palette of the video beautifully and is crisp and bold enough to draw the eye to its dancing motion across the shots. Lim Kim’s white dress and brown shoes compliment all the taupes in the video as well and fuses together all the visual elements that contribute to the calming experience of the song.

As for the latter component, “Rain” is rather musically insignificant, as it relies on the has beens for its charm and grace. There’s nothing particularly wrong with using prevalent/classic musical styles when used properly, and in this case, the antiquity of the music works to build the emotional ties between the listener and said music. The jazzy feel obviously suits Lim Kim’s voice and caters well to the style she’s been presenting since her first album, and I’ll will most certainly condone pieces like “Rain” to consistently show up in Lim Kim’s repertoire. I love how the vibe of the song is so lighthearted and the lyrical content just glides over the gorgeous piano line stress-free. That humbug-like musical line presents itself almost like an afterthought; the repetition of melody and the hazy transitions tricking you into believing its simplicity, deceiving you from the fact that there’s a lot of skill and “audial imagery” expressed in the delivery of the vocals. “Rain” really is a pleasant listen.


One response to “Lim Kim’s “Rain”

  1. I really liked how the video grew progressively lighter and brighter as it went on and I liked the artistic shots of raindrops and leaves and other rarely noticed angles. The only thing that was slightly putting me off the video was Lim Kim’s footwork but that’s just me being particular about jazz dance (turn out your foot during your ronds de jambe, missy). I definitely agree with your thoughts on the vibe of the song as her vocals really do glide over the piano in the background nicely and Lim Kim has this breathy yet controlled quality which sounds really nice with the jazz accompaniment; very coffeehouse-worthy. It really is a nice listen; not exactly the most exciting listen but something I would drink some tea or coffee to on a rainy day, haha.



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