Just For Fun: “I’m Going Solo…” Part 1 (with Seungri and Sunmi Teasers)

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In light of Seungri‘s solo comeback and Sunmi‘s solo debut, I thought that this week’s music playlist-ish thing will be about successful solo debuts from group acts. There won’t be any true soloists (Younha, LeeHi, Roy Kim, BoA, etc.) for not only does it defeat the spirit of the list and make for a rather boring compilation theme, I would probably turn this into a Younha spam. Nobody wants that.

Seungri’s and Sunmi’s Teasers:

Sunmi (the ex-Wonder Girls member) is making a long awaited return to K-pop with the song “24 Hours,” though I think we’re just going to end up with a JYP penned Wonder Girls song for one person (I’m not sure if it actually is, but that’s just a guess). Check out her two teasers.

(You know how there are all those trolls on Youtube that try to trick people into clicking their video of a song that hasn’t come out? Well, I really like this one for Sunmi’s—the song is totally cute.)

Boy was I shocked to see the Explicit label on this one. Actually, I shouldn’t have been surprised after “Strong Baby” and some pedophiliac undertones of “V.V.I.P” (not cool Seungri, not cool), but overt “inappropriateness” is something I still cannot fathom paired with K-pop. Anyway, here’s the teaser, which I can’t seem to watch without logging into Youtube (that’s when you know you’re hardcore) on YG’s actual channel. To be honest, this whole teaser feels so tacky, I couldn’t bear to watch the whole thing. Props to you if you can watch without gagging.

Seungri “V.V.I.P” and “What Can I Do”

Out of all the Big Bang solo acts, I think I like Seungri’s the best for the pure electropop fluff. Taeyang tries too hard, GD is crazy, TOP‘s stuff isn’t my style, and Daesung sings far too many ballads, so that pretty much leaves Seungri regardless, but still. What I really like about Seungri’s unabashed pop music, besides the fact that it’s unabashed, it how his presentation of music (which I believe he writes himself) is clean and catchy. Everything conveys an effortless likability and it works really, really, well for him.

I have his whole album below, which starts with “V.V.I.P,” followed by “What Can I Do (어쩌라고)” at the 3:37 mark. You can click on the song titles for the music videos, but I think the full album experience is better.

Jaejoong “Maze”

Jaejoong‘s “Maze” will always be my favorite song from him, and while I guess “Mine” has more depth, “Maze” is just the better song. There’s something about how a generic song sung with utter confidence can top a more nuanced song that isn’t sold well (like in Seungri’s case as well). Frankly, I can’t give you any true objective reasoning for why I like this song, but I do love it.

M&D “Close Ur Mouth”

Despite my annoyance for anything that thinks replacing “You” with “U” is a cool thing to do, “Close Ur Mouth” is a fantastic song (as are others that do the same thing). And before you go off on me saying that I cheated by putting a duo on here, it’s not true. Heechul went solo from Super Junior, and Jungmo went solo from Trax. Not only that, there is only one singer in the song, so it’s VALID.

Jinwoon “You Walking Toward Me” and “If Not Now”

Ugh, this is absolutely perfect. I loved this totally underrated debut of Jinwoon‘s as a solo artist. While JoKwon might have had a more successful debut exposure-wise out of 2AM, Jinwoon is my favorite, bar none. Please listen to his whole discography, you’ll thank me later.

|”You Walking Toward Me”|”Psycho“|”If Not Now”|”Lalala“|”Starlight Is Falling“|

Tablo “Airbag”

I have to give Tablo props for making Fever’s End one incredible album. While I still am mad that the album that shall not be named exists, I guess I can sort of give YG credit for putting this out as well. Heh, no freaking way. This was all Tablo, not YG in the slightest. If YG put their hands in this album, then we would have had that album. YG and musical artistry do not go hand in hand, for they are an idol company like anyone else. Tablo wouldn’t have created this under any other Idol company’s influence either (JYP, SM, Cube, etc.).

Both parts of the album are below, and “Airbag” is the second song of the first part.

DJ Clazzi “Love&Hate” and “How We Feel”

Clazziquai is a group I’ve liked a lot, but I don’t think I’ve really loved (besides their Kim Sam-soon OST that I totally forgot to put on the the week before the last Music of the Week’s playlist) them, or even felt much of a compulsion to listen to their music. But surprisingly enough, I really took well to DJ Clazzi‘s solo efforts, and I highly recommend listening to his full mini when you get the chance.

eAeon “Bulletproof”

eAeon, although a pretty well known name on his own, is actually part of the duo MOT (also an awesome indie band). His album, Bulletproof,  is super awesome and I love it to bits. I guess I could try to wax poetic about the album, but I think that many times it’s better to let the music do the talking. This is one of those times.

This playlist should contain the whole album with the first video being the MV for the song “Bulletproof.”

Wow, this was one huge playlist (of albums, basically)! Let me know which are your favorites from the list or just solo acts that caught your eye in the comments. Since this got so big on male acts alone, I’ll have to split this playlist into two parts just to cover everything (especially Female acts)! Look forward to Part 2, and you can definitely leave some suggestions to include in Part 2 below as well.

(Video Credits to Respective Owners, Big Hit Entertainment for Modified Image)


6 responses to “Just For Fun: “I’m Going Solo…” Part 1 (with Seungri and Sunmi Teasers)

  1. Solo… solo… solo…..

    I love Jisun out of her Loveholic group, Alex out of Clazziquai and Daesung out of BB. There’s something about their voices that appeal individually, when their groups’ material doesn’t interest me. \

    Hyorin’s solo work is coming soon too; granted it won’t change much since she does all the heavy work since forever but I’m interested to see how the company markets her style as. I need a new solo female act to replace Ailee out of my list XD

    Queen Younha is Queen.

    (Btw I succumbed. My Nell CDs are waiting in the next building. UGH ALL MY FEELS while my wallet just cries and cries a river LOL)


  2. Sunggyu from Infinite’s solo EP Another Me is pretty good, it’s like semi-indie, and screams NELL all over production haha! 😛 cos he’s like the world’s hugest Nell fan lol
    Not forgetting MYK!!! SaltNPaper ❤



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