Looking Forward To: Master’s Sun, Extended Trailer Edition

Master's Sun Screenshot 2

If I wasn’t in love with this show already, this preview would most certainly put me head over heels for a Hong Sisters drama like I never have before. I mean, come on, doesn’t the picture above just scream OTP? No?

Maybe this one will convince you:

Master's Sun Screenshot 1

It’s funny that the wonderful ladies over at Dramabeans were just talking/explaining about the rare golden trifecta of good acting, directing, and writing, (in their latest podcast) because this may be a drama that carries all three. The filmography in this trailer is incredible for a modern drama; the camerawork reminds me a lot of Sword and Flower but without the crazy flamboyance and overstated “artistry.” The whimsical yet subtle music and the muted colors (not the kind where you can tell they put a blue filter on everything), culminates to create the perfect ambiance and tone for the drama. Master’s Sun shows signs of a deft hand at the directorial chair (Jin Hyuk) with its slightly somber overtones and understated jolt of comedy that tell the story as well as the writing does. But considering how well he did in directing City Hunter, I shouldn’t be surprised.

I have even gone as far as to screen-cap the heck out of this trailer because I love the cinematography so much.

(Why can’t Indian dramas (serials) look like this?)




I may not understand more than ten words of Korean or know much about the technical differences between “quality” and “crappy” acting, but I think that the acting seems pretty good over all. The chemistry is phenomenal between the leads, and I really like how Gong Hyo-jin and So Ji-sub manage to tell as much about their characters through non-verbal cues as they do verbal ones. Gestures, Facial Expressions—they all play a significant part in how the story is told.

In any case, both are perfect for their roles, at least from what I can tell in the trailer. The second leads look to be pretty good as well, though the trailer doesn’t show much. As for the writing, since Master’s Sun so far doesn’t seem to show many signs (if any) of the animated comedy that the Hong Sisters tend to showcase in their dramas, I’m expecting good things to come.  *Runs to knock on wood*

Okay, let’s keep excitement on the down low and just hope the Hong Sisters can stay away from what happened to Big. Low expectations lend themselves to big returns in Dramaland, right?

Long Trailer

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPRMn3NHFTw]

(English Translation by Koala’s Playground)



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