Just For Fun: “Double, double toil and trouble…” and Other Horrors


I was supposed to have my musical round-up of the week two days ago, but the original theme was exceptionally lame. Then I came across a couple of “Horror” (not really) based music videos, and remembered the fabulous Master’s Sun teasers, so I basically jumped ship to the horror theme because it was less terrible than the previous. As for the Macbeth line, I regretfully chose to embrace its position in popular culture; nothing special there, besides insinuating some sort of  “Halloween in July” gimmick. Now that I think about it, it’s a rather novel concept…hmm. Interesting. Anyone up for it?

“V,” Lee Jung-hyun

This song is actually the inspiration of this post, with an interesting MV that reminds me a lot of Tim Burton Movies. It’s has the right proportions of freaky and hilarious. The song isn’t all that terrifying, but combined with the visuals, I think it’s a great package. The music isn’t exactly something I would normally listen to on its own, though.

“Missing Child,” IU

One of my favorite songs of all time. Period.

As for the MV, the visuals for “Missing Child” are pretty confusing because there is a lot of interpretive dancing. I’m assuming the plot line is that her boyfriend died and she’s trying to meet him again in the underworld, only to be sent back to the living by said boyfriend.

“Shadow,” Beast

I haven’t really taken to songs by Beast as well as others have, but I like “Shadow” because it’s unassuming (like the great “Fiction”). The instrumentation has great sophistication, especially with the delicate piano part. I’m also glad that Beast is singing in their range for this song, instead of straining—something they’re notorious for doing.

“Monster,” Big Bang

This is not my favorite song from the group, but the MV works so well. In some ways, freaky for unintended reasons (*cough*Taeyang‘s hair*cough*).

“Still Doll,” Kanon Wakeshima

Kanon Wakeshima has been a favorite of mine for a while now, and her cello and gothic infused stages always make for an interesting watch. Her voice is a little too feathery for some, but I think that singing style works well for the kind of music she’s trying to sell. I would also recommend focusing on her first album, Shinshoku Dolce for it is more refined than her second.

(Speaking of IU and Kanon Wakeshima, here’s a mash-up of IU’s song and Kanon’s MV)

“Mischievous of Alice,” Yousei Teikoku

I recently came across their music, so I don’t know much about them beyond what’s handy on Wikipedia. It turns out that this is a very old group (mid nineties), that does a lot of ambient and gothic rock. I put this song instead of their more popular “Schwarzer Sarg” because I came across “Mischievous of Alice” first and also because the MV for the former is so dark, I can’t make out anything besides the lead singer.

“Mine,” Jaejoong

It  would simply be blasphemous for me to neither have a Younha song nor a DBSK song in here, so I’ll come close with Jaejoong’s best song, “Mine.” Visual Kei meets Korean Rock in a very good way.

This is actually a pretty pathetic list, so what other “horror-esque” songs/MVs do you know of? Let me know in the comments.


3 responses to “Just For Fun: “Double, double toil and trouble…” and Other Horrors

  1. Mia, Kanon Wakeshima, Jaejoong, and Monster………… excuse me while I pick up the remnants of my feels that’s just combusted as I go down the list lmao.

    Is the scare factor of that Lee Jung Hyun MV high? There was a gif of the circle lens she wore and uhm that successfully stopped me from watching it.

    My favourite(?) creepy MV will have to be Linkin Park’s Crawling tbh. I try not to watch any scary MVs and this one, I got duped into watching it. Aka I don’t know any other scary MVs. Heheh XD


  2. Oh wait. I forgot. I loooove Ayumi Hamasaki’s Marionette. That was quite creepy for me. The idea of being controlled….. along with the doll-like makeup and that white little girl dress…… /tries to forget MV ever happened/



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