Kim Junsu’s “INCREDIBLE”


Well, it’s finally here! For those who are awake at 7PM KST, you can watch LOEN/Melon‘s Live Stream of Junsu‘s Showcase here. As for my thoughts on the album, you have to wait until I write the review. (Right now, I’ll just tell you that I’m rather impressed, though not floored. ‘X’ that, I just might call this album “quasi-incredible,” minus a song or two.— Maybe I’m just freaking out over the fact that this didn’t crash and burn like Tarantallegra) In the meantime, here’s the full album to listen to yourself, and the music video for “Incredible”:

“Incredible (feat. Quincy Brown)”

I’m not a huge fan of “Incredible” when it comes down to it, but I do love the addictive and dancable quality to it. Maybe it’s just that I don’t like the rap nor do I like the music video’s haphazardness.

I don’t know if it’s only me, but the MV feels really cheap. Yeah, there’s lots of half-naked western people dancing around which probably isn’t cheap—although I don’t listen to Junsu to see half-naked people. Junsu’s great at being sultry, but he usually is able to inject a sort of classy factor into the song. This time, he just let the American influences run all over the song and MV, which kind of removes the “Junsu-ness” from everything. Let me be clear, the dude sounds incredible as usual; I’m just upset that the song does no justice to his voice. Honestly though, when will he release another “Intoxication“? That was both great for his voice and modern/sensual.

What do you all think of the album? Let me know in the comments!

(YouTube [1][2], CJES Entertainment)

9 responses to “Kim Junsu’s “INCREDIBLE”

  1. I like the song for what it is, a dance track. Junsu made the song. Without him, the song would’ve been flat n mediocre. The rap part? I cringe at the poor attempt. Anyone could’ve done that “reading” with no flow.

    Have yet to listen to the whole album but seeing that ur first impression of it is favourable, I will look forward to it.


  2. The album is, as you said in the comment above, best produced album out of Cjes yet.

    I’m pretty happy with this release, songs and genre wise. He toned down the musical-ness, reached out into the jazz and r&b more steadily, and didn’t fall into the trap of MY ALBUM, MY SONGS ONLY. JYJ tend to do that, and I’m aware of the technical reasons behind it, but it does cause some disappointment. Quincy is unnecessary, fangirls would’ve been happier if PYC is the one rapping instead, that lazy man. Hurmph. But Incredible is what it is, a summer pop song. The MV will never make sense, but whatever, I get Junsu humping the bed anyway XD

    My fav track would be Isn’t This Song Funny, simply because Junsu is letting loose his Junsu-ness. It’s shouty, noisy, filled with non-lyrics, but it makes me smile because that song is as bizarre as Junsu, and I’m really happy with that. Cute little poop. Heheh.


    • Ugh, the Quincy feat. needs to go immediately. And PYC, get your lazy self over there, seriously.

      Sometimes I wonder if he even wants to sing, as his voice has deteriorated tremendously and his interest level on stage has been absymal.

      Sigh… JYJ still has the greater potential of the two DBSK halves, but they still waste it. At least Junsu’s album makes me hopeful.


      • I think PYC is done with his singing. LOL. He likes acting, and now enjoys golfing so much he’s cajoling Junsu into it. He drinks and smokes without caring. Yep, definitely done with singing. Which is a shame since I loved his voice the best before this.

        JYJ, JYJ, JYJ…. What can I say about you? 😦 Junsu is definitely going towards a direction he wants and can tackle, so I’m not too worried. Jaejoong is a bigger problem, because what he wants and can do (and what the public likes) are the polar opposites of a spectrum. I hope with this silence, it means he’s been studying about the music he wants to do. I’m still not giving up on a Jaejoong-Nell collab simply because that would be interesting XD


        • God I hope that collab happens in my lifetime. Or maybe a Younha as well, one where she contributes what will probably be a smashing song. The possibilities!

          Jaejoong is a serious problem, at least in my opinion, because what he “should”(IMO) sing, what he wants to sing, and what his fans want him to be are totally at odds with each other. Jaejoong should ground himself in Japanese style rock, for that is what he does best as a soloist. But what he actually does is a poor conglomeration of rock and Korean ballad style, i.e. the musical representation of a drama queen. Fans on the other hand, basically want every cliched ballad/pop song in the book and for Jaejoong to look like some Art-eest at the same time, self-penning everything. Not only that, these fans fawn over everything he releases to the point that he has inadvertently or “advertently” shut himself from all criticism.

          I just hope he survives this monster of a Catch-22 before I give up on such a great singer. (Which will probably never happen, but still)


          • Oh lordy YounhaXanyone will work tbh. If anything, she’s the queen. HAHA. Nothing Younha released so far is a disappointment.

            Jaejoong….. I do love you…. just…. JYJ fans sometimes are the epitome of overprotective fans. I really don’t agree with self-penmanship attitude some have. JYJ needs all the help they can get with their albums. It would take a lot for me to give up on Jae, but he needs to appreciate his own voice and talent and desire first and foremost.


      • I agree with what you guys have mentioned. Also, I personally feel that the era of Dong Bang Shin Ki are well and truly over. I feel that ‘JYJ’ is just a reminder of a part of what was the Great DBSK. Now, Yoochun’s into acting. Jaejoong is singing and acting but (from my perspective) isn’t doing well in either. Junsu is the only one following the singing pathway and succeeding. From now on, i’ll be supporting (Kim) Xia Junsu as a solo artist and spreading the recognition he deserves.


        • I agree. Especially with the enlistment news, I think that JYJ the music group is actually a needless entity. If both Jaejoong (step it up dude!) and Junsu can release good solo albums, and Yoochun keeps acting (and playing golf…), I think that everything will be great. JYJ as a whole isn’t holding my interest as of late, and it’s only because they have been haphazard about their music. If you think about it, the group has about 20 songs that have been keeping fans happy for the past three years. Idk how much longer my goodwill will last.



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