Just For Fun: “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”

ailee2Here’s another weekly round-up of songs I found interesting or just felt like listing out. Although there are no wedding bells around (though I did go to a baby shower…), the common phrase above seems to fit the song choices this week. Again, the selection of songs are pretty random, but hopefully they will include a nice mix of styles. Not all are my favorites, unlike last week, but they are all at least pretty good. (for the Rock fans around here, there’s not much for you)

Something Old

It’s been a long time since I’ve read Detective Conanwhich is one of my favorite mangas/animes because it’s one, a detective story, and two, it’s the first long term series that I had read. A lot of my friends saw this show as kids but even though I only saw it as a teenager, it still feels like a show that came from my childhood. Mai Kuraki is actually a singer who is featured constantly on the show, and here’s a couple of my favorites; “Growing of My Heart” was the first song of hers I loved, and “Time After Time” is my number 1 song of hers. 

“Growing of My Heart”

“Time After Time”

There were a couple of female group comebacks recently, like A Pink and Jewelry, neither of which I follow because their brand of music is not something I particularly like. So it got me wondering as to whether I like any girl groups (for some reason I prefer female soloists over male, but male groups over female) and the one group I actually like a lot is the one group that is indefinitely on hiatus: CSJH. They are have nearly everything you could want in a girl group; all four are powerful singers, they have a ballerina (i.e. pretty good dancing), they have a mature vibe, and they have edgy music. Yet despite all of this, they sorta-kinda…flopped. I guess Korea wasn’t ready for them? I’m just kidding, but why do they have to quasi-break up?

Although their most famous song is “One More Time, OK?” it might be worth highlighting the slightly less popular:



Something New

Ailee released her second mini, A’s Doll House, a few days ago (for which I’m working on a review) and the following songs are my favorite from the album. I’m not going to say much more than that, because I actually have to put something in the review, right?

“Rainy Day”

“I’ll Be Okay”

2PM’s Junho also made his Japanese Solo Debut with “Kimi no Koe,” which I think is alright, but not the best kind of debut you can have with his talent.

“Kimi no Koe”

Something Borrowed

I wrote a Side B on Kim Hyun-joong the other day, and I’ve been obsessed with his Japanese music because it’s rather good. So I’m going to borrow two songs from there for this list:

“Your Story”

“I’m Yours”

Vanness Wu released a new MV in the last few days for a song called “Love Overtime,” and while I’m not the biggest fan of the song, it reminded me of a One Republic-like he sang, called “Is This All,” which was featured in the TW drama Material Queen, which Vanness Wu starred in. Anyhow, I found out pretty rapidly that  Mr. Wu borrowed one Ryan Tedder (of One Republic) to write the song for him. Go figure. Side Note: Does Ryan Tedder write the same song for everyone?

“Is This All”

Something Blue

Well, if you want to be literal:

Big Bang, “Blue”

Jokes aside, it’s one of my favorite Big Bang songs, though I don’t really do well with Big Bang for one reason or another. I do respect them though.

If you want to go quasi-literal, then you have Miss Blue-haired, Song Ji-eun, in this fantastic song:

“Going Crazy”

This week’s round-up is a bit pop heavy, so any rock/pop-rock recommendations? Btw, aren’t you proud that I didn’t add any Younha songs?

(….Unfortunately, I couldn’t resist entirely. Here’s my song of the week from her.)

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