Forget 11am, This Song Is Amazing At Any Time


OMG. I have no words for this. Junsu, please, please, don’t dash my hopes after this song!

Xiah Junsu’s “11AM”


(And because LOEN is so freaking amazing, Eng Subs are available on the video)

List No. 2342375 of S.O.I. Things I’m Thinking About “11AM” To Avoid Fangirling Like No Tomorrow
  1. Junsu’s voice is heavenly. That is now an established fact.
  2. The song is infinitely better because Junsu sang it.
  3. The song without Junsu would be boring.

… Oh forget it. I don’t even stand a chance.

List No. 2342376 of S.O.I. Things I’m Thinking About “11AM” To Avoid Fangirling Like No Tomorrow  OOOMGGGG JUNSU!!!!!
  1. lasldkjf;alkddou fa’psdj HIS VOICE IS SO GOOD!!!!
  2. The voice only section is stunning (I just wish he didn’t pause as much).
  3. To be honest, the piano addition at the end kind of killed it. I NEED MOAR raw Junsu vocals… (Edit: I take this partially back; here’s the full version, piano and all, and it is GOREGEOUS.)
  4. If this is the prelude single, I hope the actual one is FANTASTIC. Don’t pull an Exo, okay? (Though I think I liked “MAMA” more than most.)
  5. Keep Jaejoong‘s pen as far away as possible from your album and GET A GOOD COMPOSER. I love how you guys are trying to be self-sufficient, but there are times when it’s just better to throw in the towel and let the experts take it… LIKE YOUR SOLO ALBUM.
  6. Dude, go get a better hair stylist. That is the single thing that bothered me to no end in this video.
  7. Go read Nikki’s Review. Like Now. She’s said it all in ways I probably never could.

So… who is excited for Junsu’s Album on July 15th?


I totally am not… not at all.

(CJES Entertainment, 10Star, LOEN Entertainment, Youtube)


3 responses to “Forget 11am, This Song Is Amazing At Any Time

  1. hahaha unleash the Junsu fangirl! i just watched the video and listened to the actual recording. it is a beautiful song… both versions are gorgeous. but am i the only one who thinks that his voice has become hoarser? he’s still an amazing vocalist, but i fear that if he doesn’t take care of his voice, he’d end up like mariah carey =\

    am crossing all my fingers and toes too that the rest of his album would be as amazing.


    • Yeah, it’s a bit hoarser than before, but I think it’s as much a product of his musicals as it is a mistreatment of his voice. Hopefully he’s taking care of it!

      I’m crossing my fingers too for things to work out! 😀



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