Open Thread/Suggestion Box #2: Some Re-organization


I’ve been really slow recently on this site when it comes with fulfilling requests or just post in general, and I’m nto too happy about that. (Isabellealyssa, I haven’t forgotten Park Sae-byul!) I’ve been trying to juggle a lot recently; be it networking and improving things here, working on Seoulbeats material, or just my day to day life, and everything is pretty chaotic. Once I have to start doing hard core studying again, I’ll be able to do even less.

As a result, here’s a new game plan, which will hopefully lead to more productive content in the end:

  • Requests:
    • Album Reviews — please continue to put those here, as I’ll continue to post them here. I love how most of you are asking for reviews for more indie offerings, and I hope that keeps going. To shake it up, I’ll have some idol music as well here in rotation with the lower key stuff. Basically, I’m going to try get on a bi-weekly schedule for full album reviews around here. Let’s see how that goes.
    • Single Reviews — this hasn’t really been requested yet, but if the time comes please ask me on my tumblr or my new twitter. The goal is to streamline those on tumblr, since the format is pretty fast and snappy.  This way I can get back to all of you much faster than I’ve been doing here.
      • S.O.I.’s Tumblr

        • I’m really excited for this, because hopefully this will lead to more interaction with all of you, which is the point of blogging, right? I may be overambitious, but at least this means that I’ll have content more often, as well as give myself time and space to put up better and “more professional” stuff on this site.
      • Twitter

    • FYI, these requests don’t have to all be Korean!
  • Dramas/Movies
    • This has been in a horrible state of affairs here, so I’ve decided to limit myself to three things here, and cover more of this stuff in small bursts on tumblr. On this site you will find:
      • Musings
      • Drama “First Impressions”
      • Movie Overviews
  • Visual Novels/Manga/Anime/etc.
    • Once again, musings and overviews will still be found here, but if I’m going to be covering these things, it’s mostly going to be over on the tumblr site.
  • Musings and Time Machines will basically be the same. As for Special Series, I’ll basically ditch the idea for now. I have several DBSK posts partially done, so that stuff will still come out.

Let me know if this will be any help, or if it’s just over-complicating things. Any feedback will be great 😀





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