Midyear K-pop/K-indie Album Round-up


2013 has seen some very intriguing comebacks and many of which were total surprises in outcome. This has been such a hectic year that there were even some albums that I thought came out so long ago only to realize that they came out of the beginning of year.

—Which do you think is the best so far? My pick is currently a secret (in other words, I don’t have one yet), but this is a chance for anyone around here to make their choice for the best album so far. Feel free to discuss your reasoning for your choice in the comments below (0r spam for all I care), and let me know if I’ve left out any others worth mentioning. The winner gets a special post and album review (if I haven’t reviewed it yet) from me or something along those lines. Hopefully that’s incentive enough to vote… please????

(There will be a drama one very soon as well. There may also be a “K-pop in Japan” version.)


You can choose up to 3 from the list, which includes most full studio albums and some selected EPs.

(Pictures reflect zero bias. Images Via: Shinhwa Company, Woolim Entertainment)


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