Midyear Drama Round-up…Or Not.

NineTimesTimeTravelThere are so many awesome drama sites out there that have so many year-end and midyear round-ups, that it’s not worth my time to expect all of you to pick your favorite drama when you can do that elsewhere. Instead, we’re going to have a different kind of midyear round-up, wherein all of you choose the best dramas from different kinds of categories; some tame, some strange.

As for me, I certainly have been in a drama watching rut this year, for reasons I don’t even understand myself. Basically, this is my attempt at getting back into the drama watching and writing mood. Here’s to hoping it works. (Help me out, people!)

Comment below with your answers to some or all of the following categories. Once I get enough responses, I’ll compile the results and see what we get. All dramas that have aired or are airing this year (at least one episode must have aired in 2013) are eligible. That is, except for the last one, obviously, since all of us can only look forward to dramas that haven’t aired yet.


S.O.I. Midyear Drama Superlatives Categories

  • Best Cable Drama
  • Best MBC, KBS, and/or SBS Drama
  • Most Crack-tastic Drama
  • Drama With The Most Unexpected Ending
  • Drama With Best Second Lead
  • Drama With Best Childhood Section
  • Best Taiwanese Drama
  • Best Chinese Drama
  • Best Japanese Drama
  • Best Cliche-rampant Drama
  • Drama With The Best Villain
  • Drama With The Best Plot
  • Drama You Would Recommend To People Who Hate Rom-Com
  • Drama With The Worst Characters
  • Drama With The Best OTP
  • Best Sageuk
  • Drama That Ended Up On The Worst Slippery Slope To Awfulness
  • Most Surprising Drama Offering
  • Drama You Are Most Looking Forward To

If you come up with any other awesome categories, please let me know!

Note: Don’t feel pressured to find THE BEST drama or anything. This is more of a chance to exchange drama suggestions of various types, especially the dramas that fell under the radar. 

(MBC, tvN)


18 responses to “Midyear Drama Round-up…Or Not.

  1. Wow, looking at the categories, I realize that I haven’t really watched that many dramas this year ^^;; I only finished three dramas to completion so far! Blame it on real life….sobs


    • I totally haven’t either. I’ve watched a pitiful number of dramas this year. XD Hopefully you can contribute in a few anyway, just from what you’ve watched. It’s more of a “get to know more dramas” exercise than anything.


      • Woaaaahhh thanks for the reminder, I totally forgot about this! Blame my real life!!!

        Best Cable Drama: Nine and Heartless/Cruel City
        Best MBC, KBS, and/or SBS Drama: Scandal – heard it’s good (MBC), Shark (KBS), Incarnation of Money (SBS)
        Most Crack-tastic Drama: Shark (Dunno why but it’s my guilty pleasure right now. Ha)
        Drama With The Most Unexpected Ending: Gu Family Book? hehe
        Drama With Best Second Lead: Goddess of Marriage (I blame Lee Sang-woo for this. hehehe. I know, I am shallow~), Flower Boy Next Door (I miss Oh Jin-rak!), and Jang Ok Jung (Lee Sang-yeob is just adorable and pitiful. Gahhhh)
        Drama With Best Childhood Section: Nine (The past is still counted as childhood…right? Park Hyung-shik <3)
        Best Taiwanese Drama: –
        Best Chinese Drama: –
        Best Japanese Drama: –
        Best Cliche-rampant Drama: I hear 100 Years Inheritance fits this one…
        Drama With The Best Villain: Incarnation of Money (Park Sang-min & Baddies Co. nailed it!)
        Drama With The Best Plot: Nine
        Drama You Would Recommend To People Who Hate Rom-Com: Special Affairs Team TEN (Both Seasons!)
        Drama With The Worst Characters: Gu Family Book (the villains are really hateful…)
        Drama With The Best OTP: Nine!!
        Best Sageuk: Cruel Palace is the best so far!
        Drama That Ended Up On The Worst Slippery Slope To Awfulness: Jang Ok Jung (Well…more of a bumpy ride.)
        Most Surprising Drama Offering: Cruel City
        Drama You Are Most Looking Forward To: Sword and Flower!!!!!


  2. >< omg I realize I haven't watched much either lol :S definitely countable on one hand haha!
    Best OTP = Flower Boy Next Door period.
    Nine fits quite a few for me – rec for peeps who dont like rom com, most unexpected ending
    Ten 2 isn't done but it'll be best cable 😀 and maybe plot if things go well in the next few eps
    Lol the only non-cable I watched this year is School 2013 haha!
    Sigh this is kinda pathetic…


  3. Best Cable Drama
    –> I can’t seem to make a choice between FBND and Nine :O
    Best MBC, KBS, and/or SBS Drama
    –>The only KBS drama that I watched was School 2013 heh. I’m not done with I Hear Your Voice (SBS) yet but I love the show so far! I really think that this show is the best offering from the BIG 3 TV stations yet. 😀
    Most Crack-tastic Drama
    –> Itazura na Kiss – Love in Tokyo
    Drama With The Most Unexpected Ending
    –> Hands down, Nine!
    Best Taiwanese Drama
    –> I’ve only watched 3/13 episodes so far but Amour er Patisserie is really shaping up to be a good watch. (Is a current airing show even eligible for the award? I mean, things can still change someway along this line).
    Best Japanese Drama
    –> Are Drama SPs eligible for this award? I loved Rich Man Poor Woman SP
    If it’s not then I suppose Itazura na Kiss will be it. 😀
    Drama With The Best OTP
    –> Flower Boy Next Door!!! LOVED the DokMi-Enrique pairing so much ^.^
    Drama That Ended Up On The Worst Slippery Slope To Awfulness
    –> Jang Ok Jung – I didn’t even watch the drama but this much I can gather from the reactions that everyone’s put out on this show.
    Most Surprising Drama Offering
    –> I Hear Your Voice is REALLY GOOD. (My love is firmly entrenched in the Lee Bo Young-Lee Jong Suk OTP ship despite the age gap). And there’s also a part of me totally digging LJS so much as of late.
    Drama You Are Most Looking Forward To
    –> I Hear Your Voice ^.^


  4. Oh gosh. I am so behind on this year’s dramas! >.< I don't think I can offer any fair answers yet.. I'm gonna have to get back to you on this! XD


  5. For now, I can positively tell u what dramas I’m looking forward to:
    1. So Jisub and Gong Hyojin in Hong sisters’ upcoming drama “Masters Sun”. Can’t wait to see Jisub take on a lighter, comedic role.
    2. Joo won and Moon Chaewon in the medical drama “Good Doctor”. Joo won is always a pleasure to watch. I believe his character is autistic? So it should make for some interesting acting from him.

    Best jpn drama: I’ve always preferred watching jdrama compared to kdrama. However this yr, I’ve yet to really fall in love with one. But I enjoyed “Dinner” and I think “Last Cinderella” is pretty entertaining.

    Can I nominate Lee Jongsuk and Kim Woobin as the best OTP? :d people cannot get enough of this pairing even outside of School 2013. With numerous CFs and pictorials together, heungsu and namsoon are still as lovey-dovey as ever.


  6. Best Cable/ Crack-tastic: Cruel/Heartless City (loving JKH, and Nam Gyuri is the best I’ve seen her)
    Best KBS: Shark (though I loved School 2013’s bromance)
    Best SBS: I Hear Your Voice (King of Dramas is more 2012, but I loved that as well)
    Best MBC: I’m enjoying the makjang I Summon You, Gold! (But I’m hoping Scandal will live up to the name)
    Unexpected Ending: Nail Shop Paris (the last episode really came out of left field)
    Best 2nd Lead: Kim Jihoon in FBND
    Taiwanese: Just You (I’ve only seen 2 episodes, but I have high hopes and the BTS are very cute)
    Cliche Rampant: 100 Years Inheritance (but I just kept watching)
    Hate Rom-Coms: TEN 2
    Worst Characters: YTBLSS (her mothers, and grandmother; his whole family; the chicken family minus Chanwoo; Yeon-Ah — *sigh*)
    Best OTP/ Most Surprising: Monstar (very low expectations on entry, but SeYi and SeolChan are very winning)
    Best Sageuk: It hasn’t aired yet, but Petal and Blade would be my choice (for all the sageuks the Big 3 are airing, none have won me completely)
    Descent into Awfulness: Jang Ok-Jung (especially hard since based on the the 1st half I’d have given it Best Sageuk)
    Looking Forward: Master’s Sun



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