Nell Escapes to Electronica and Synths


This is the message I get in my practically non-existent tumblr inbox from dramarathon:

What dya think?…

Well, instead of me answering this question (for now, anyway) why don’t all of you answer it? What dya all think of Escaping Gravity? Good, bad, different? Best album from Nell, worst album?

Here is the album and the “Ocean of Light” MV to help form your opinion.

“Ocean of Light”


Escaping Gravity


As for “Ocean of Light”‘s MV, I like the aesthetics; it plays off the vibrancy of the song. But in context of how ridiculously wonderful their MV for “The Day Before” was, it’s kind of a let down. “The Day Before” is one of the best MVs I’ve ever seen.  Period. The synergy between the music and visuals was spot on, and the meticulous attention to detail unparalleled.  You can find so many articles that hold a magnifying glass to the MV, pulling apart each reference, each message, that’s sown in. Here are just a few:

As great as these opinions are, why don’t you try forming one for yourself as well? It’s well worth it. Trust me.


As always, comment, and let me know what you think of Escaping Gravity, your opinions on “Ocean of Light” and “The Day Before” MVs,  and if you like the direction that Nell is going.

Full Review

(Woolim, Youtube [1] [2] [3])


3 responses to “Nell Escapes to Electronica and Synths

  1. i’m not very familiar to Nell’s work prior to Slip Away. but i think this more electronic and synth-heavy sound isn’t new from them. i bought their Slip Away album and enjoy listening to the whole thing from beginning to end. i liked the subtleties and quiet moments in many of the tracks off that album.

    i’m listening to the new tracks for the first time right now but let me get to “ocean of light” first since i’ve watched the MV. i thought it was nice, i got a positive energy from the song. Jongwan’s vocals is a big reason why i enjoy Nell’s music. he has a dreamy quality to his voice n it is still pretty much felt in the more upbeat “ocean of light”. when he sings mellower songs like “slip away” and “the day before”, i can’t help but fall into the deep depths of a black hole. Nell’s songs are like ambient music. they don’t kick u in the butt or slap u in the face, but envelopes u in either a warm blanket or leave u alone to drown in ur own thoughts.

    i guess after “holding onto gravity”, which i don’t have in my collection because i thought it was a lil bland when i heard the songs, “escaping gravity” is taking a turn towards brighter, more uplifting songs. like an ode to say “screw it, i’m just gonna leap outta here”.

    so far, i think both mini albums from Nell’s Gravity trilogy have very clear messages that they want to convey. i don’t necessarily think there’s a change in direction in terms of their sound. the new songs still sound distinctively like Nell.


  2. Beautiful Stranger from Slip Away is my favorite Nell song. I just got Escaping Gravity so I haven’t given it a really good listen yet, but it doesn’t sound like much of a departure which isn’t a bad thing in my book.



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