Tohoshinki: Ocean


I know that I’ve been pretty lazy with this site recently when it comes to actual, substantive, meaningful posts.  I promise to get on that soon, and I know I have a lot of material to cover. Like a lot.  I really do apologize for that, especially the non K-pop affiliated people around here. No, I don’t live and breathe K-pop, I promise. That said, I do enjoy the community and most of the derivatives of the music culture. But before we go back to the stuff I’m supposed to cover, I’m going to take a quick detour over to Japan, with Tohoshinki‘s new summer single, “Ocean.”

The Short PV:
List #2343994 of S.O.I.—Things that I feel about this PV and Song:
  1. What is that intro? That is the tackiest thing I have heard from Tohoshinki, ever. It doesn’t help that this kind of strangeness is coming from men in their late twenties.
  2. Will Tohoshinki’s stylists ever figure out that the hair style that the two of them are sporting doesn’t actually look good?
  3. The song minus horrendous opener is pretty fun, though I’m actually starting to think that all of Tohoshinki the Duo’s brighter up-tempos sound the same. If anything, the song clearly spells out “This is a Tohoshinki Song” structurally.
  4. The PV itself screams “tacky” as well, but hey, I’ll give the boys a break for trying to be enthusiastic about summer. Actually , they’re a tad too enthusiastic.
  5. This would probably be the first time I have ever preferred Yunho‘s voice over Changmin‘s, nasal and everything. Changmin is just too scratchy for me to handle.
  6. Don’t worry, I still think the boys (who are totally older than me) are awesome. Plus, they’re back to rocking suits. Go do your thing Homin!
  7. …Does this count for my “DBSK, A History” Post Collection that I technically didn’t start yet??? Maybe?

(Avex, Youtube)


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