Introduction to the Rising Gods of the East

We’re finally here! After all the teasing worthy enough to make EXO proud, I’ve actually got enough time to manage this slew of posts that are going to come out along with all the other ones I have to do, not to mention all I have to do in my real life.  We should have about one post come out each day (it should last anywhere from a week to a month), but just to make this fun, we’re going to have some random “hidden posts” that can only be seen via having the correct password, which is an answer to a DBSK-related trivia question. Hidden posts will only be shown on the “DBSK, A History” page unannounced, so check back often!

EDIT: Yeah, I lied. These updates are going to be way slower than I thought, but I’m going to work really hard to get them up there.  I didn’t realize how much time I would be spending on other writing projects and Life and everything. So I profusely apologize. Give me a little bit of time, and they’ll happen. I promise. 

The trivia questions are going to be posted here, and the answers will go up after the entire series is over. So if you want to see those posts, then you’ll just need to find the answers. They should be pretty easy, but I might have a hard one or two in the bunch. These passwords will be a single word, and all lowercase. Also, only the latest post will be featured on the Home page; all of the others you can find in the “DBSK, A History” page under the “Special Series” tab. Why? Because I don’t want to swamp my homepage with DBSK. Now that we have all the housekeeping out of the way, let’s get to the actual post. Don’t worry, I’ll be short and sweet.


Five guys, one constellation. All names they have translate to “Rising Gods of the East” (It’s a bit pretentious of a name, isn’t it?)

Rough Timeline: Debut in December, 2003;  Lawsuit 2009-2010 ish (This gets complicated); Duo since February, 2011

(Trio since November, 2010 (I think that was Thanksgiving in Toyko Dome?) but I don’t consider JYJ “DBSK” for logistical reasons and thus does not fit in Timeline)

Current Members:

  • Jung (U-Know) Yunho—Far Right
  • Shim (Choikang/Max) Changmin—2nd From Right


  • Kim (Xiah/Xia) Junsu—Far Left
  • Park (Micky) Yoochun—2nd From Left
  • Kim (Youngwoong/Hero) Jaejoong—Center

A cappella Positions (from lowest to highest register):

  • Yunho
  • Yoochun
  • Jaejoong
  • Junsu
  • Changmin

General Positions (and Superlatives?):

  • Dancers: Yunho, Junsu
  • Main Vocals: Junsu, Jaejoong
  • Visual/Narcissist: Jaejoong
  • Resident Screamer: Changmin
  • Supposedly a “Cassanova”: Yoochun
  • “Rappers”: Yunho, Yoochun
  • King of Engrish: Junsu
  • King of Awkward English: Yoochun
  • Ultra Serious Leader: Yunho
  • Maknae: Changmin
  • “Eldest”: Jaejoong, then Yunho
  • Most Evil: Changmin
  • Should Have Been Born Japanese: Jaejoong
  • Most Animal-like: Junsu
  • Cute Concept Stealer/Surprisingly Sensual?: Junsu
  • Needs to take a Chill Pill: Yunho
  • Knows too many People/Phone Addict: Jaejoong
  • Questionable Fashion Sense: Everyone?
  • Troll-King/Tongue Like a Viper: Changmin
  • My Favorite: Nice Try. 

Fanclub: The famous or infamous (depending on how you look at it) Cassiopeia.

Genre: Dance, A cappella, Electronica, General Pop, Ballad, SMP (Rockish?) I give up, they just sound like DBSK, okay?

Wikipedia is a great resource for the details.

Is that intro enough for all of you? I can certainly update if people need more than that, but the only way I know is if I get…yup…comments!

Passwords for Hidden Posts

Trivia Question 1:  TVXQ has a plethora of names, and they can be annoying to keep track of sometimes.  But there is a really cool element to TVXQ’s name that can only been seen when using this object.

Trivia Question 2: Something Junsu, Changmin, and Yunho don’t have.

(Avex, Rhythm Zone, Lotte)

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