The Enigma of Lee Hyori’s “Monochrome”


If you expected to see Lee Hyori‘s new album to be as dance worthy and full of bubble gum pop music at its best as her albums were in the past, think again—because that’s not what you’re going to get at all. Not even close.

Frankly, this whole album is a huge enigma to me, because it turns every perception you have of Lee Hyori on its head and sideways.  She’s created a new persona for herself through Monochrome, and I have no idea whether that is her true self or not.  Maybe she even embodies both personas. Regardless, I loved how this album forces you to look beyond pop music as a medium dependent on catchy tunes, and look at its more soulful side.  Monochrome is not perfect, but there are some golden moments within that are impossible to ignore. I highly recommend you experience its entirety for yourself, because odds are, you’ll have a severe reaction to it, be it love, hatred, or both, that you probably don’t want to miss out on.

(Read Full Review Here.)

My Favorites:

“Better Together”




“Show Show Show” (Even if it’s technically Monrose‘s, I still find this song stunning)


“노 (Oars)”


(B2M Entertainment, Youtube)


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