The Legend Returns With “The Classic” [Updated]


I’m definitely not aware of K-pop long enough to know Shinhwa as well as I should, but here’s their new album, The Classic.

The Album:

Tracklist (in English):

1. “That’s Right”

2. “Acquainted Guy”

3. “This Love”

4. “Scarface”

5. “New Me”

6. “Laughing…”

7. “Mannequin”

8. “Hurricane”

9. “I Gave You”

10. “Love Song”

MV for “This Love”:

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

My Thoughts:

Well, The Classic is a pretty good album to say the least, and I think I’ve listened to it like eight  nine times now? Maybe more? So yeah, I like it a lot. And the production is everything  in this album.  I haven’t seen an album this freaking clean in FOREVER. Since I’m writing a pretty detailed review elsewhere, I’ll keep it short and simple here. (FULL REVIEW)

In order to do that, I’ve decided to take a leaf out of Pop Reviews Now‘s (you should check Nikki out when you get the chance) book:

My Favorite: “That’s Right” is undoubtedly first, but “Mannequin” comes at a close second (I have a soft spot for Retro).

Songs I’d Listen To Again: Everything but the two mentioned below. And clearly I have.

My Least Favorite: “Hurricane” and “Scarface”

Final Thoughts: Shinhwa, you’ve still got it.  Thirty and Fabulous could not apply to you guys more, because you just blew all the youngsters out of the water.

Rating:  Ain’t giving one here.

(Shinhwa Company, YouTube)



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