Movie Overview: Love 911


I, for some crazy reason, decided to watch this movie at 1 in the morning, thinking that it would be totally smart to do so. I didn’t have any immediate work to do, so it was fine in that sense–but still kind of dumb anyway, given my tastes in movies. Regardless, if you are a real movie buff, there are much better movies to watch at 1 AM, and Love 911 really isn’t one of them.  That is, if romantic movies are totally not your thing.

On the other hand, all you romantic movie lovers, here’s another good one to add to your list.

[But…… we all have our shallow sides, right? I mean, who can ignore the combined pretty of Go Soo and Han Hyo Joo? Okay, I admit it, I kind of liked this movie. At least enough to post about it.]

go soo han hyo joo

So in honor of how seriously good they look together (darn Go Soo being married!) I have the summary/preview of the movie and some of my opinions on this movie.


Love_911-posterGo Soo stars as Kang il, a firefighter who works for the emergency rescue squad, who’s a tad lethargic on the job after the death of his wife.  Han Hyo Joo is Go Mi Soo, a rising-star neurologist working at a hospital in the same area.  Dr. Go is a very aloof doctor, who believed firmly in her smarts and carried an ego the size of the entire Earth.  She however, faltered in her work and misdiagnosed an aneurysm, thinking that her patient’s “gangster-looking” husband had abused the lady.  In order to avoid having to deal with all the legalities of bringing up such “wounds” she found on the body, Mi Soo dismissed the case and sent the patient home.  Soon afterwards, the lady suffers a hemorrhage and becomes comatose; having to be brought back to the emergency room by the rescue squad that Kang Il is in.  The doctor who takes care of the lady asks why the husband did not bring the lady in when she showed symptoms earlier.  Dr. Go is put on probation, and is at risk of losing her license due to malpractice. Meanwhile, the husband, who is heartbroken at the fact that his lover was in such a state takes out his anger on Kang Il, hurting his nose.  Dr. Go on the other hand, faces major charges from the husband and is told by her lawyer to try to find a way to put the blame on the husband in order to survive the ordeal without losing her license. Dr. Go catches wind of the fact that Kang Il was hit by the husband and attempts to get Kang il to countersue the husband for abuse in order to help her case.  Little does she know, Kang il empathizes with the bustand/lover, having experienced the same turmoil when his wife had died, and bluntly refuses. Mi Soo, being the incredibly intelligent person she is, decides that seducing him would be the only way to get Kang Il to do as she asks.  After multiple failed attempts, she decides to join the emergency rescue team as a medic in order to get closer to Kang Il.  Soon enough, Mi Soo begins to legitimately fall in love with Kang Il, while he continues to grieve for his dead wife…



Everyone knows that Kang Il’s going to fall in love with her too (I mean, we all knew that before the movie even started, and if you didn’t, shame on you), but the whole point of watching the movie is just to well, see that happen.  I’m not going to use the summary to spell out the other plot elements, because the end game is pretty obvious, and to give you something to actually watch.

The neat part about this cliche rampant movie is watching Dr. Go realize that she’s not as intelligent as she’s cracked herself up to be and learning some humility.  However, she’s not alone on the soul searching train: Kang Il realizes that he has to come to terms with his loss and find new love.  Honestly, that stuff is too run of the mill that really, all the fun is in watching the two run circles around each other.  Actually though, if you want some “great moral,” the most important part is that Kang Il is the catalyst for Mi Soo find humility just as  Mi Soo is the reason he learns how important it is to live for himself as much as he lives for others. Through that growing process, they realize that they’re meant for each other.

As I’ve said before, my overall perception of the movie boils down to: fun watch when you are half brain dead and have nothing better to do at 1 AM. Beyond that, it’s just a romantic movie that doesn’t dwell too much on the romance, and makes for an easy watch given the direct plot line (Go Soo helped a bit too). Since I’m not a big romantic movie kind of person, I enjoyed the more subtle romance plot for a romance movie—but that might not be for everyone. The visual palate was also really well done, and the cheesy factor was kept to a minimum ignoring the running scene at the end (at least it made some sense, because they were not running to meet each other at X location, they each just thought that other would be at the same place for logical, not-too-sappy reasons.) Go Soo and Han Hyo Joo had pretty good chemistry too. The stills don’t quite give it justice.

For those who are interested in Love 911, you can find the movie subtitled in English here.

(Marie Claire, ORM Pictures)

6 responses to “Movie Overview: Love 911

  1. Wow. Nice overview. Sort of puts my silly little reviews to shame. Thank you for the link with Eng subs. Halfway through I had decided I needed to watch this, but dreaded the search…then voila’ a link! Thanks Mr. engineer!!


  2. OMG… That’s good. How sexist of me to think an engineer was a man. I don’t know why I thought that…maybe because you LOVE Younha I just pictured a guy….or….could be your description lacked a gender and I assumed a woman might be more wordy…oh, I am being sexist again!!! Please forgive me. I look forward to following your blog.


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