Because Younha Is Everything I Could Have Ever Wanted in K-pop

younha run

Younha, Younha, Younha.  How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

…Nope. Not possible to count them all. I’m not going to even attempt it.  I was supposed to be studying, yet I’m writing this post on Younha’s majesty. That should be enough to let you know how much I love her. She is thisclose to being my favorite K-pop act EVER.

Anyway, just take her voice in and you’ll understand my fascination with her. She’s simply ethereal.

But first, let me show you how freaking amazing her company WeAlive is when it comes to making teasers (SM Entertainment, learn something here!)

The Album Teaser:

My Favorite Teaser:


Younha stands out not only for her teasers, but how ridiculously fantastic her songs make you feel when you’re listening to the album by yourself. They are not necessarily the best songs (I don’t like them all,) but I guarantee that they are all extremely emotional. You learn to experience music through Younha’s voice and every song will assuredly be something to appreciate, even if you don’t love each one.

Honestly though, I really cannot do her voice justice by just talking about her recent Korean Discography, so I resort to just embedding YouTube videos of her recent discography. (I’ve only put the English names in the tracklist.) Hopefully, I’ll get around to making a Time Machine for her.


This album is practically flawless.  It leans towards Pop-Rock as opposed to pure Pop Music, and Younha’s timbre is really the key to the perfection of this whole thing.  She emphasizes the right notes, hangs on the right lines, adds vibrato at all the right places, hits all the stylistic elements that bring each song to life…when I say listen to Every. Single. Song., I absolutely mean it. I can’t pick favorites, nor do I skip around songs when I listen to the whole thing. If you can’t take my word for it, it might be beneficial to know that this album took the crown for 2012’s Best K-pop Album, was in the top 5 (more like 2) of said list, or received a perfect review in the K-pop blogosphere; McRoth’s, Pop Reviews Now, Seoulbeats…you name a major review site, it’s probably won something there.

  1. Supersonic332508
  2. People
  3. Rock Like Stars 
  4. Run
  5. No Limit
  6. Shower
  7. Would We Have Changed?
  8. Set Me Free
  9. Cream Sauce Pasta 
  10. Wait For Me
  11. Driver
  12. Hope

This one isn’t as jaw-dropping as the previous, but well worth the “listen” Younha asks us for (it’s a very aptly named album, if you ask me.) The sound of this album is very much “Younha” though she’s a bit more experimental here. I’ve bolded the songs I highly recommend after the first listen alone, and the starred (*) ones are those that grew on me rapidly.  The other two? It’s just that they’re not really to MY tastes, but they are still good songs. (Here is a beautiful review of this album by Nikki at Pop Reviews Now)

  1. Just Listen*?????????????
  2. Fireworks*
  3. The Real Reason We Broke Up
  4. Spring
  5. It’s Not Like That
  6. One Fine Day*
  7.  Sea Child

(Credits to YouTube Uploaders and WeAlive)

9 responses to “Because Younha Is Everything I Could Have Ever Wanted in K-pop

  1. Well, congratulations for bringing me over to the girls side with Younha. Oh, I should rephrase…I like lots of Korean music, but not a lot of female artists. I haven’t really been super impressed with the actual singing. I love BoA, and there’s a chick featured on LEESSANG unplugged that I really like. I have to say Younha is pretty…well, just as you described her. Although I almost didn’t read past “how do I love thee, let me count the ways” but it sounded familiar to the praise I spew forth daily about CNBLUE. Looks like I am into chicks. My husband will be surprised. Lol. I promise to listen and pick up some Younha. I’m a convert!


    • I’m glad I converted you! I’m a boyband kind of person too, but like you BoA and Younha are the two that keep me grounded on the girls side. I rarely spew love to my K-pop idols, if at all; but Younha, she deserves it. Whatever I imagined my ultimate K-pop singer to be, she pretty much embodies it.


  2. I got here through your comment(s) on my blog, only to find that you too love my goddess Younha! I agree, listening to her is an experience, and every track on those two (amazing) albums are strong in their own ways.

    Also, I’m flattered that you see me as a major reviewer hihi ❤


    • OMG. I’m like star-struck right now (and it’s probably because I’ve read and admired your blog since I got into K-pop).

      Really awkward fangirling aside, I’m quite glad to “meet” you now. Thanks for stopping by!


      • I’m the one who should be star struck! When I find out that people who read my blog are (great) writers themselves I get really shy about my work. D: But really, thank you for giving me a chance and reading my blog. ❤

        Haha I'm glad to meet you too! Are you on Twitter? I do most of my rambling there (And not so much on my blog these days huhu T_T), and I'd love to ramble with you lol. You sound like someone I could get along with. ;D


        • No problem! I’ve probably been as shy as you, and it was only when I got my position at Seoulbeats that I started legitimately thinking about writing. So if any one should be thanking the other right now, it’s me. Talking to you, McRoth, the Seoulbeats team, is something I never imagined before. Thanks for giving me that opportunity!

          (Oh god. That was so sappy–but true.)

          I don’t actually have a twitter. I just got a tumblr, and you won’t believe, I promised myself then and there that I wouldn’t get a twitter…now I may just have to break my promise. I used to be the kid that never got into social media (not even fb). Now I may end up with all of them! XD


      • You write for SB :O I have an interesting history with SB, though I’ve never legit written anything for it. 😀 Haha I’m all for newer writers starting their own sites because I feel like we always need more good K-Pop reviewers.

        lol don’t worry, you read my blog, you know I’m sappy as hell. T_T

        haha okay. I’m all for social media, because it wasn’t that popular when I started my blog and trying to get people to read my blog was an experience, to say the least. What’s your tumblr then? I’ll follow you so you can tell me when you get your Twitter account. ;D


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