Upcoming Posts

So I feel terribly for the people who read my blog and are totally not here for the K-pop, and instead are getting bombarded by it. I’ll get to you, I promise! So as a sort of heads up about what’s going to be coming out around here, I’ve made a list of what you can expect sometime in the coming weeks in terms of articles (Just not this week though! I’m not going to be back until the end of the first week or more of next month.)

Leave any other suggestions in the comments!

List No.56783 of S.O.I.

(Because I like my lists, okay?)


  • Madoka
  • Swimming Anime, now known as Free!
  • Manga, I haven’t gotten into much here, so I might do a post on mangas I totally lost touch with to start out.

Gaming Related Stuff

  • Persona 4
  • Ever 17

K-pop (I’m sorry!)

  • A Spam of Tohoshinki that needs to happen in my quest for being evil.
    • Edit: This is actually going to be a week long series called “DBSK, A History” and I should put up the overview soon. No actual posts until May though, so I’m not lying about being busy. 
  • This is not really “K-pop” per se, but I’ll probably start a Korean Indie Series
  • I’ve always wanted to do a fashion post, (sorry men) so that may happen too!
  • Younha


  • End of the World. Enough Said.
  • Cruel Palace, War of Flowers
  • Jang Ok-jung, Live in Love

Kim Hyun Joong Post (It’s a thing now)

  • My favorite MV of his—”Lucky Guy” 

Western Pop Culture

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Media
  • Why I think Poirot is better than Holmes…Usually.
  • Homestuck

And because I like my Tohoshinki, I’m taking authorial license to litter this whole post with pictures of them.  Because I can.

The evil plan begins! MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

(Image Credits to Respective Owners)


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