Just For Fun: Creating SHINee’s “Misconceptions of a Dream World”

SHINee released their latest album in two parts, “Dream Girl, the Misconceptions of You” and “Why So Serious?, The Misconceptions of Me,” the latter of which recently came out on the 26th. Both halves of the album have its pluses and minuses,  so what would happen if we could take the best of both and put it in one really epic album?

Well, we’re going to try to do just that,  and the first song to go, if my last SHINee post was any indication, will absolutely be “Why So Serious?” To be honest, I want to send that song to oblivion and pretend it never happened. Besides that, the other songs will be a bit hard to sift through because I not only have listened to Dream Girl too many times to take it apart in my ear, the two halves are  inherently thematically different, with one more dreamlike and the other a manifestation of “nightmares” in sound.  Another problem is that the first half is really quite generic, while the other pushes the lines of experimental a little bit more.  All in all, it’s a bit difficult to put them together in a simple manner. I’ll still going attempt it, though I’m not going to guarantee it will be epic in the way we all want it to be.

So let’s see what happens!

Album: “Misconceptions of a Dream World”

1. Spoiler
Spoiler is a great entrance for the album, with all of its over emphasized glory and conviction.  As an opener, it has all the qualities you need, and some extraneous ones that you don’t (it thinks a little too highly of itself) but it works nonetheless. It also has the added bonus of having “all the songs named in the song,” so it’s going to take the first spot, no questions asked.

2. Nightmare
This is such a perfect compliment to “Spoiler,” that I couldn’t help but put it here–not to mention that it maintains the upbeat funkiness in a haunting, sadistic way. Am I being oxymoronic here? Yes, yes I am.

3. Dangerous (Medusa II)
I put Medusa II here because I just love how “Like a Fire” comes after this song.

4. Like a Fire
This song gives the right transition because it has enough of the old SHINee quality that fits perfectly here, just in time for the upbeat “Dream Girl.”

5. Dream Girl
I like the punch of “Dream Girl” here to kick up the more generic SHINee in “Like a Fire.” That’s not to say “Dream Girl” is not generic SHINee as well, it’s just that it’s more anthem-like.

6. Punch Drunk Love
This song is basically here as a follow up to “Dream Girl,” and to bring back some the funkiness for the next song which is going to sound a bit strange anyway.

7. Excuse Me Miss
This song drives down “Dream Girl” and “Punch Drunk Love” with the right amount of funk and sets up the beginning “SHINe” with the right tempo so the build up doesn’t look too tacky. It’s not my favorite song because of the strange syncopation at the beginning, but it will do.

8. SHINe (Medusa I)
How can you have Medusa II without Medusa I? It also has the biggest troll of an entrance.

9. Dynamite
“Dynamite” doesn’t let the momentum drop from “SHINe.”

10. Evil
“Evil” is a really great song here, as the monotone and punch actually works against the slight touches of melody that round off and tone down the song (the middle eight is great.) This could have totally been the Title Song. 
(Edit: Actually, no. I’m not sure what would be the title song.  “Dream Girl?”)

11. Beautiful
It’s probably one of the better songs from part one, and I really have nothing much to add to that, besides the fact it is very much on the generic side. Nikki from Pop Reviews Now, describes (I’ve paraphrased here) it perfectly as, “A Eurosynth pop song that tries to hide behind maturity”

12. Orgel
I wanted to drive the electronic sound down, so I felt that “Orgel” fits here.

13. Sleepless Night
A perfect way to close off the album is a generic ballad, right? So here’s a pretty dark ballad, that isn’t boring enough that it puts you to sleep. This is the kind of generic I can tolerate. (Edit: I’m also super impressed with all the harmonization that SHINee has been churning out these days.  They’re starting to become a sort of “youthful, funk inspired, DBSK”  Wow, that’s a weird combo.)

I hope you enjoyed my version of the new SHINee Album! I realize that my version heavily leans towards the second album, but that’s just because my personal taste tends to be darker than the heavy bright pop associated with the first album. It was also really hard to incorporate some of the first album songs without sacrificing some of the songs and the tone I really wanted to include in here.

If you just loved all of the songs, here’s a combination of both albums in one youtube video.

(SM Entertainment, Images via EMI Music and SM Entertainment, Youtube credits to respective uploaders)


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