SHINee, you want to know why “I’m so serious?”

GAH. This is totally not what I wanted, SHINee, not at all.

Things about this song that make me grumpy:

  1. This song is worse than “I Got a Boy” and that’s saying something. At least the latter had some flow.  This doesn’t even have that.
  2. Jonghyun is not singing in the video.  He doesn’t show up at all.
  3. Taemin, not more stable and colorful (voice-wise) Onew, gets all of Jonghyun’s lines.
  4. The video made zero sense.
  5. There is no dance hook.
  6. Taemin is singing ALL of Jonghyuns lines.
  7. Did I mention Taemin is singing all of Jonghyun’s lines?
  8. They had 8 better songs on their album to choose from and they picked the worst song out of the lot to promote? Edit: I want to make it clear that this album is really fantastic. I recommend you check out my post on my “epic version” of the dual album they released. 
  9. I knew it, the pink slimy stuff and the lack of faces on the teaser images only means that the real SHINee has been abducted by aliens.

(SM Entertainment, Youtube)

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